Reheating ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by vartz04, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. vartz04

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    I plan on smoking 3 racks of baby backs tomorrow and then bringing them over to my brother in laws house and heating them up/saucing them on his grill at dinner time. They will likely be off the grill smoker for 3-4 hours before getting heated back up. Here is my plan let me know what you would change

    Go 2 hours without foil
    Go 1 hour in foil
    Go til almost done without foil (probably about an hour)

    Pull let cool down in the house wrap them up and stick in the fridge til dinner
    Place on grill without foil and heat/sauce for about 30 min.

    Sound good?
  2. oddball

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    Kinda late now, but it's typically recommended to cook until done, and then reheat.  If the initial (partial) cook doesn't get hot enough to kill all of the bacteria...   Well I'm sure you get the picture.
  3. vartz04

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    They were "done" I just took em to right before you would sauce them I see what your saying though

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