Reheat Whole Brisket for Family Get Together?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gitaryzt1985, Jul 1, 2015.

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    So Friday I am smoking a pork shoulder and I have a small brisket that I might throw on the smoker too.  With pork shoulder, I have very good luck with smoking and pulling the day before an event and reheating in an oven with a little finishing sauce.  Nobody complains!  But, I'm afraid that doing this with a brisket will make it tough.  I plan to cut right before we sit down to eat, so I'd have to reheat the brisket whole in the oven (or throw on the smoker).

    Any tips for smoking a brisket the day before a family get together?  I can't smoke the day of the get together because it's at my brother in laws house.
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    I'm no expert...but I put a pan underneath the brisket during the smoke to catch all the juices.  After it's done, I put the brisket in the pan with the juices, cover it and when it hits room temperature, refridgerate it.  The next day I defat the liquid and fortify it, if necessary, reheat the brisket still covered in the oven.  When warm I slice it and run the pan juices over it.
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