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  1. demolitionman

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    Anyone tell/explain the difference in a single-stage and a double-stage regulator....Which is best...Also, what's the best type of burner I can get.....DemoMan
  2. invader q

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    If my memory serves me, and it might not, the second stage allows for fine control. Not likely necessary for a smoker. My propane stuff has what I believe is a single stage regulator at the tank, and a ball valve near the burner.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hey Q howz the kraut?
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    Well said...a duel stage regulator is two regulators built into one, you could do the same thing with two seperate regulators. The first stage reduces the pressure from the tank and the second reduces it even more making it more accurate, usually for highe pressure tanks. I don't think this is necessary for a smoker.
  5. demolitionman

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    Thanks fellas....The guy at the store said I would need a 2 stage to fine tune the flame, but he also suggested untill then, to break the handle off the regulator and use a tool to fine tune with untill I got my 2 stage....Didn't know whether breaking the handle off would be such a good Idea or not....Thanks...DemoMan
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    Hey Richtee,

    I let it sit a little too long between skimmings. Got too busy at work. It went bad. [​IMG] I'm going to try again after the end of the year. This time of year is to crazy for me, and I get distracted easy. BTW, it smells reeealy bad if it get's funky.
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    Do not listen the that fricken idiot!!! [​IMG]
    2 stage regulator's are necessary on some of the vertical type cabinet smokers!! The cheaper units will not adjust down enough to carry true low smoking temp's therefore a needle valve is used to finely tune the flame for lower temp's! [​IMG]
    If your unit doesn't come with the needle valve, any hdwe store will have all the piece's to put one on!![​IMG]
  8. ds7662

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    There are several types of regulators. There is a 1st stage (high pressure) reg., a 2nd stage (low pressure) reg., two stage regulator that combines both into one unit and then there are the run of the mill low pressure regulators.
    First thing you should do is find out the operating pressure needed. Then choose the regulator.
    Fish cooker, Turkey fryers and such all use high pressure regulators only.
    A gas grill uses a small cheap run of the mill regulator that drops the pressure to a low operating one.
    The two stage regulator is more expensive and honestly for the money will offer you know real benefit. If you get a small adjustable low pressure regulator from a gas company you should be fine. These have a plastic cap on them that screws off and reveals a slot for a large blade screwdriver to fit in. This can be used to fine to if needed.
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    Grin..OK now I know smells bad...OK REEELY bad...nope. ;{)
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    You talkin bout me smellin bad?[​IMG]
    I used to, come home every night smellin like gas, propane that is.
    I worked for a propane company for 7 years before I went into law-enforcement.
    I used to do most of the installations and half of the service work. Learned a little but haven't messed with the stuff(other than my grill) in over 10 years.

    Never mind Rich now I see what you was postin about. sorry.
  11. richtee

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    BAD Cop! No doughnut!

    But I trust yer propane advice with my life. Heck... I HAVE!
  12. demolitionman

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    Yeah, i seen the needle valve deal on here somewhere and I liked what I saw.....Might try that one....

    I think that may have been what the salesman was taling about....He said something about takeing the plastic cap off and using a tool(screwdriver) in the slot....Just couldn't remember what tool he said....Thanks for the info everyone....DemoMan
  13. Generally two stage regulators are used in a situation where the failure of a single regulator would allow gas to flow unchecked through the system to the burner at a higher pressure than is considered safe.

    The second regulator on the two stage regulator serves to prevent this from happening. Because one is set just slightly higher than the other, there might be a change in performance if one was to fail, but not the catastrophic failure one might expect with gas flowing through the burner at cylinder pressure.
    On RVs you should find a 2 stage because the propane is being used inside of a living space, where this could be a real problem.

    A single stage is usually found on outdoor appliances where the hazard of a roaring fire in the grill isn't as likely to start your house on fire. Generally speaking the pressures aren't adjustable on the cheaper single or two stage regulators. Most of these devices and regulators operate at lower gas pressures than most people realize, so the manufacturers tend to opt for the pre-set sealed regulator to prevent people from tweeking them.
  14. demolitionman

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    Thanks for the info....I'm looking for info like this because I haven't put my GOSM together yet....I want to do any upgrades to it before I start using it...Thanks for the info....DemoMan
  15. demolitionman

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    You da man, dude....I was just at the gas company this morning talking about 2 stage regulators and single stage regulators and he said for the same style regulator that would work for both gas friers/smokers/grills it would be impossible to have one for all three....I told him about the needle valve thing and he said it would be the perfect solution to my problem....High pressure regulator with a valve to adjust it to low flame....Then I get home and you've sent me the perfect solution to my other problem...Thank you dude for the link....DemoMan
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    Glad to help, placed my order last night[​IMG]
  17. hank

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  18. bigarm's smokin

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    yep, this is the place

    I tried one of the expensive quarter turn ball valves that is shown here. It didn't work at all. After that, is when we found the needle valves.

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