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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by tom w, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Needed new burner and controls for my old smoker.  Thought about just buying a whole new smoker but couldn't find what I wanted for a reasonable cost.  Almost bought the Amerique but decided to see if there was anything to rebuld mine and do what I wanted.  Talked to Cody at Allied Kenco Sales, they have a thermostatically controlled burner kit that looked good but I wanted to hook up the plug and play temp and time programable controller.  They didn't have any thing but he checked it out and a week later called me and said they could build one which I had them do.  I've used it now for a couple of months and this thing is great.  Works like the 8,000 dollar units.  You can program six different steps in it.  I just load up the smoker and go to work or to bed (that's what I did Wed. nite so the turkey's and ham's would be done thursday)  and It takes care of it self.  I cold smoked for eight hours, brought temp up in three different steps and the final step was set to shut off when the meat was up to temp ( has a meat probe).  Could also have set to just keep warm if dinner was an hour or two away.  I'm very impressed with this thing.  I'm smoking more because I don't have to baby sit, and can get some work done (or play:).  Just thought I would let anyone know who is building or refurbishing a smoker cause there isn't anything else on the market that I could find like this.

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    Sounds like a fantastic unit!  Can you give some specifics like price, who you talked to, etc. and some Qview of the unit in operation?  We're not curious, just downright nosy! lol!  Any more that you can post we'd love to look and know about!
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    The burner kit was $650.00  This does not include the controller wich is $250.00   The burner kit included everything, regulator, hose, valves, burner, burner stand, stainless chip pan with lid.  The only thing you have to assemble is the pipe (included) from the assembled valve body to the burner and the burner rack (2 bolts) and screw in the propane hose.  You have to cut a hole in the side of the smoker for the pipe to go through and put some screws in the valve body bracket to hold it to the side of the smoker. I made a cover over mine to protect it from the weather.  If you allready have the burner and stuff you would only have to buy the valve body and I would guess save quite a bit.  The controller is programable for up to six steps like drying at 100 for an hour then it would go to smoke at 130 for eight hours and on up through the rest of the steps if you needed them.  It will also support an external smoke generator if thats what you have and controll that.  The man at Allied Kenco Sales I talked to is Cody, very nice person.  Their web site is and they have a great catalog.  I will try to do the picture thing but may have to wait for my daughter to show up for that one, not real great at this computer stuff.  Take care and have a great day!


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