Red Cow Bottom Round With Stuffed Taters, Carrot Cake & A Sausage

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  1. In preparation for the pinball tournament today I'm smoking a red cow bottom round.

    Here it is - when I weighed it, it was just slightly over 3 lb.

    I gave it a SPOG treatment

    & had a cup of hot tea while the smoker warmed up.

    When I took the bottom round out to put in the smoker I saw this duck in my top pond.

    It kept diving & playing around so I took a couple pics from my deck. You can see the circles from it just surfacing again.

    & here is the bottom round in the cloud of goodness.

    Smoker temp 225                                 AMNPS running hickory & cherry pellets.

    Now to figure out what to make to go along with it.

    Updates to follow...
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    The ducks and geese are still walking on top of our lakes. Nice to see some open water.
  4. You forgot your drink man. Here you go.

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]   
  5. It hasn't been open very long. As soon as it thawed ducks & geese started stopping & spending a night or two on the lower pond before moving along.
  6. I decided to make some stuffed taters for one of the things to go with the bottom round.

    I browned a little burger in the skillet with a bit of onion, peppers, tomato & a wee bit of sauce.

    Cut up a few pieces of a ham I had cured.

    & grabbed a hunk of smoked cheddar  [​IMG]

  7. Assembly station is set up. First I put some ham in the taters.

    Then the browned burger mix.

    & topped with smoked cheddar. I made 2 with mozzarella.

    These then went in the smoker.

    Updates to follow...
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    All looks Great so far!!!


  9. Thanks Bear  [​IMG]   Still working on my dessert...
  10. Ok I decided to whip up a carrot cake. Some pics coming shortly...
  11. Ok here it is just out of the smoker & ready to rest.


    It looks a lot smaller on the spatula but it's the same bottom.

    I ran a bit of my bacon through the Townecraft & threw it in to get crisped up...
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    Very nice SB !! That looks awesome ! :kewl:

    I'm on my way ! :avatar3972_3: :ROTF
  13. Thanks Justin  [​IMG]   If you hurry you can catch the end of the tournament  [​IMG]
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    I just went up stairs and my wife is making something that looks like your taters.

  15. Ok time to eat!

    Just out of the foil.

    Cut in half - to be explained shortly...

    Nice tender, juicy bottom.

    Very juicy  [​IMG]   These things have amazing flavor if you do them right  [​IMG]

    The reason I cut it in half is because of a couple people who won't eat their meat unless it is turned into leather - therefore...

    While I was grilling a couple awesome homemade sausages...

    I threw some slices on to turn them into strips of leather.

    Pretty well leatherized...

    The sausages were great! The leather strips must have been good too because a few more slices were requested  [​IMG]

    This is all that was left...

    Here are the stuffed taters - I put the bacon pieces on top of them.

    Closer view.

    These things are incredibly good  [​IMG]  they pretty much got inhaled instantly  [​IMG]

    I'll be back with the carrot cake to wrap things up...
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    That's It ???

    That's All You left for me?!?!?!

    Thanks a lot neighbor!!!

    Looked Great while it lasted!!![​IMG]

  17. Thanks Bear  [​IMG]   It pretty much went instantly  [​IMG]
  18. Finally there was the carrot cake. I made it from scratch including the syrup for in it...

    Here are the dry ingredients.

    Cutting the butter in.

    The wet ingredients & syrup I made.

    Carrots shredded.

    Nuts chopped.

    Everything mixed up & ready to go in the oven.

    Done & cut.

    Pretty good cake  [​IMG]

    Topped off with a bit of cream cheese glaze which gave this a little push & put it over the top - it was a great dessert for this meal  [​IMG]
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    Wow. What can't you cook?
  20. Lol I like variety & the only way to get that in my area is to do it myself  [​IMG]

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