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    Gentleman, first RECYCLE Smoker...I saw it BQ Bretheren by a guy at his house who I give credit to...I took it up a notch or two I think but the idea was his....I just tried to execute it a bit sharper maybe...Two old 55gal drums some angle iron , some stainless hinges,  some mahogany scrap for handles , some sheet steel, some stainless 1/4 round bar for grills and some elbow grease..a section of a whole side of a hog I kinda french cut as they say in lamb circles and the one and only queen of taste in our home Liz my 2 year old carnivore who loves the smoked Q like Daddy! I figure it will hold half a good size hog! the beast.....

    advice comments  pro or con welcome

    cheers ED


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    Cool, Different and worthy of a few pints! [​IMG]

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