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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ribwizzard, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. My favorite part of cooking on my wood burning pit is throwing some sausage on there to snack on while the large cuts are slow cooking..And I just purchased  a grinder and a stuffer so that I can start making my own.

    Question is: most of the recipe's I'm interested in have you smoke the sausage at around 165* for an hour. I'm thinking this would be best performed in an electric cabinet style smoker, and probably easier to buy one than to make.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on this type of smoking and what amoker they have had good success with? I'm looking at doing about 10lbs of sausage at a time.

  2. chef willie

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    I run a Smokin It #3 electric and have good results with what sausages I have made with plenty or room to hang them as opposed to putting on a rack. It all depends on your budget I guess. The MES 40 is fairly inexpensive I think. Truth is many of the sausages I like to make are better off poached first, then grilled to sausage nirvana. No shortage of sausage info on here, as you know, so welcome to another addiction....Willie
  3. I was wondering about doing it that way. Usually I do uncooked italian sausage on the pit and it turns out great.  But I do want to do some weiners and knockworst, that I can just do on a grill and was thinking a light smoke before poaching would be necessary.   ???

    Your thoughts?

    I'd like to freeze these as well, so I can just pull out what is needed.(if that makes a difference)
  4. I looked at that model on-line.  What a great looking little smoker.  Does it really do a good job? Looks about perfect.
  5. daveomak

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    RW, evening...... I was just looking up electric smokers......    Big Chief II has adjustable heat from 100-350 F....  made in the USA...   28x19x16 with a 1500 watt element...     

  6. RW I have a MES40 I bought it mainly to do sausage and sticks. I needed something that would hold 100° all day long. Then be able to kick the temp up 10° at a time. Works great....Add a AMNPS and your set.....Buy the 1st generation if you buy a MES.

    Happy smoken.

  7. boykjo

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    I know rick (nepas) likes his bradley. He recommended that unit to me for low slow smoking
  8. Wow, there is no shortage of these little electric smokers, I have never even payed attention to them before.  But they look like what will work the best for curing sausage. That smokin it looks like a nice model, and has great reviews. Replacement parts look inexpensive and easy to get and not much to break (simple design as far as I can tell) but it looks like i'll have to order it and have it delivered.

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