Recipe recommendation for a newbie?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by threemuch, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I did my first sausage in hog casing this weekend.   Spicy italian.  Came out very good, I was pretty proud, even though it was pretty easy.  Grind, mix, stuff.  It's not perfect, the early sausages were HUGE and the last ones were kind of small, so I need to work on my stuffing skills.

    For my next trick, I was thinking of doing some kind of smoked hot link, something spicy, with some high melt cheddar mixed in.  I have a smoker and have done pepperoni in it.

    Anyone have a recipe the recommend for this sort of thing?  Or something else suitable for a new sausage maker?
  2. Whenever I do a spicy sausage, all I have done is add crushed red pepper to my seasoning. Works out pretty good for my taste buds.
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    If you are wanting to tune up your new skills, I recommend some type of chicken sausages. Whatever knid you find here on the boards that look good to you. The chicken sausages are made when you see chicken thighs on sale, here/now thats about a dollar a pound. All need be done is deboned. You use the skin for binder.

    Doing chicken does alot for you when you first start. It teachs cold managment a most important trait. because if the meats warm is the pits to try and grind even. Cold is important.

    It will help with mixing and spices.

    Your stuffing obviously is practice. Its more practice with minium investment.

    I see where Disco just spelled out his pork and chicken brats and sounds like they are a hit around here.

    Its just like smoking I recommend smoking chicken to learn cause even as expensive as it gets, its still the cheapest I know of to learn upon, well unless you are a rancher.
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