Recipe for a coca-cola sauce please (like the one used Hudson's Smokehouse)

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    Went to Hudson's Smokehouse in Columbia, SC and their ribs were great! Had a distinct sauce on their ribs which was made from Coca-cola, chili powder, apple cider vinegar  and some other ingredients. I did buy some to try to match.

    But I was wondering if anyone had a similar recipe?
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    Check this one out?

    It's a recipie from Steve Raichlen's "Sauces, Rubs, And Marinades book"

    "Memphis Style Barbecue Sauce"

    4 C Tomato Sauce
    1 C Cider Vinegar
    1 C Coca-Cola ( I use caffine free, or Blue Sky Cola, sometimes Dr Pepper instead)
    1/4 Cup Steak Sauce
    1/4 Cup Yellow Mustard
    1/4 Cup fresh lemon juice
    3 T Molasses
    3 T Soy Sauce ( I use low-sodium)
    3 T Worchestershire sauce
    1 t Tabasco
    1/2 t Liquid Smoke

    Dry Fixins
    1/2 C packed Dark Brown Sugar
    1-2 T Rub ( I use whatever rub I just made)
    1 T Pure Chili Powder ( I half this)
    1 T Fresh Ground pepper
    1 T Mustard Powder
    2 t Garlic Salt

    1. Mix and bring to a boil the wet fixins.
    2. Mix together dry fixins (I just dump em in 1 at a time)
    3. Simmer to desired thickness about 30 mins.

    The book says it makes 4 cups, but I usually only simmer 20-25 minutes for a thinner sauce, about 5 cups.( It didn't say but i believe you add the dry fixins to the wet once boiling???)
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