Real Texas Brisket Where To Buy?

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  1. We are looking to order one and have it shipped, any personal experience you guys would recommend? I found a buyers guide for having a whole brisket shipped but there is so many places to read. Thanks for the help this is a gift for family.

    Here is the guide I found:
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    Hi Some times shipping can cost almost the same $ as the brisket.

    Your better off going to Sams..Costco..Restaurant Depot..Etc.

    You DON"T really need a Texas brisket, just cook any brisket Texas style.

    Good luck Dan
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  3. Albertson's usually carries good full briskets.  I have also gotten them at Frys/Krogers - though they don't always carry them.

    I agree with DanBono - I used to live in Texas and bought my briskets at a variety of places (including the above grocery chains and Costco and never could tell a difference between the different stores.  I now buy at Costco/Fry's/Albertson's in Arizona and get the same good quality.

    One tip - when selecting a brisket.  drape the brisket over your hand/wrist.  If it is stiff as a board - try another one.  If it flops over on both sides, it is a tender brisket.  The long smoking makes even tough briskets tender, but if you start with a more tender brisket - the end result is even better.  The more it flops, the more tender it is to start with  Photo below is a really nice one I got at the local Albertson's.  (I test them at the store while still wrapped in plastic - they don't bend as much, but you can still see a difference.
  4. Hello.  The guys have given you great options.  I am from Tx. now living in England.  As you can imagine I can't get a packer brisket in England.  What you are looking for is a packer trimmed brisket.  Look again at your local shops.  A local butcher either in your town or the nearest large town can probably get one for you.  If not,  either in your town OR in the nearest large town you will find a meat wholesaler.  Go to them and ask for a packer trimmed brisket.  If they look at you funny tell them you want a beef brisket, untrimmed, removed from the bone and the silverskin removed and tell them how many lbs. you want.  NOW!  If you have to get this last option don't panic at what you get.  You will get a brisket completely covered in fat!  You won't hardly be able to see beef for the fat  ( PM to follow ).  Cook it and trim as you slice.  Keep Smokin!


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