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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by egent, May 22, 2009.

  1. I just found this site and joined. I am getting ready to make my first smoker in a few weeks. I have been wanting to make a smoker for a few years, and have decided to start with a double barrel smoker that I plan on using for my motorcycle club. I found this site while researching smokers and smoking heat and thought I would join in hopes of getting good advice.
  2. fire it up

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    Welcome egent.
    I love that people stumble across this site while searching for so many different things.
    You'll find nothing but a wealth of information and help on this site.
    Good luck with your smoker build, make sure to take plenty of pics so we can all experience it with you.
    Happy smokes.
  3. jdt

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    welcome, lots of great info here, look around and ask questions
  4. welcome to smf looking forward to pics of your build great place to be
  5. jjrokkett

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    Egent welcome to SMF - I'm sure you'll find alot of help with your project!
  6. mulepackin

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    Good to have you along with us!
  7. bmudd14474

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    Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you here. You will find lots of help on here.
  8. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF, and good luck on that new smoker project.
  9. irishteabear

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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. You'll find lots of help here. [​IMG]
  10. billbo

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    Welcome! You have found the right spot for advice!
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I have been reading post here for a few days now. I have seen many different smokers and smoker mods. Has anyone done the Big Baby Double-Barreled Cooker? I was planning on using this as the basis of my build, but don't know what type of mods work well. I will link to two different sites showing this kind of smoker. Any suggestions of what looks like it would work and what wouldn't work are welcomed.

    Main listing of the Big Baby Double-Barreled cooker

    Second variation is found here.

    Thanks again,

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