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Discussion in 'Beef' started by neighbour, Jun 10, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I just got myself a XL big green egg and have no idea what I'm doing! I want to smoke a 15lb brisket tomorrow! Here are my questions:

    1. Do I need another thermometer? If yes does it need to have two probes?

    2. How long will it take?

    3. How much lump do I need? Will I need to refill or top up?

    4. What kind of wood = amazing taste? How much wood do I need?

    My god I'm so excited, I hope someone can set me on the right path. Thanks all
  2. First off take a deep breath, congrats on the new smoker.  You need to be able to read the internal temp of what your cooking. Either a good instant read digital thermo like a thermoworks, or a dual probe leave in thermo like a maverick.  The maverick will allow you to monitor the temp that you are cooking at. 

    As far as time, it depends on cooking temp.  For low and slow (225*) it best to allow 2 hours per lb, so in your case that's 30 hours.  You might want to cook it at 325* in which case your looking at 45 min. per lb, or about 11.5 hours.  I should add, you're looking for an internal temp of 205* for pulled pork.  Either way your going to need to stock up on beer first. 

    I'm not sure on charcoal, I don't have an egg, but I understand they go a long way on a little.  Hopefully an egg owner can help you out on that one, But you shouldn't need to refill, even for a 30 hour cook.  If you don't get an answer to this here, post another question.

    Now to the smoke, the easiest thing to do is over smoke, I did it at first.  It's a case of less is more, and if its under smoked its still edible, but over smoked not so much.  What you don't want are billowing clouds of white smoke, a light haze of almost invisible smoke is best.  Any hardwood will work, but hickory goes well with pork.

    So relax enjoy the moment and have a good smoke.  Best of luck, keep on smokin'.
  3. neighbour

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    Thanks so much for the help mate! I really appreciate it. It's on now and the beer is flowing!

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