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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by big k-dawg, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Well guys, I got my Tunning Plates and my Lavalock gasket sealant yesterday and installed them this morning! Everything fitted perfectly and now I am ready to smoke some meat! So tomorrow I and going to do my first cook on the Old Country Wrangler Smoker. I am going to go lite with some chicken and pork steaks first! I have the brisket and the pork butts in the queue for the second cook! Be blessed!:)
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    Can't wait to see your first run!

  4. big k-dawg

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    Well guys, I completed that first cook on my Old Country Wrangler Smoker today after getting rained out yesterday! I smoked some boneless chicken breast, chicken thighs and some pork steaks. The Wrangler cooked smoothly and held my temp at 250 degrees fairly easily! I use some oak and hickory wood and used some lump coal to initiate my fire. Here is a photo of the leftovers! Next up is some pork ribs! Be blessed!:)

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