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  1. I just finished preparing a Boston Butt that I'll start smoking early this evening.  It weighed in at just over 10 pounds (smallest one they had) so I'm figuring on at least 16 hours of smoking. Maybe more.

    Following is my plan. Please let me know if any of this is a mistake.

    - Prep was to rinse it off, trim the gland out, pat it dry and season with Jeff's rub.  It's now in plastic wrap and in the fridge until time to cook.

    - I plan to put it on at about 6 PM this evening at 250 degrees and use my new ANMPS full of apple pellets starting at about 7 PM.

    - Smoking fat side down with a catch pan under the meat to save the drippings.

    - Should I use a water pan???  If so, I am considering a mixture of apple juice and apple cider vinegar.  Thoughts?

    - Plan is to let it roll through the night and into mid morning tomorrow and pull when the internal temp reads about 195 per my new Mav-733. I do not anticipate pulling and wrapping in foil unless I encounter a hard-core stall

    - I do not plan to baste or otherwise disturb the smoking process at all.  I know I'll be tempted to open the door and take a picture, but hope to restrain myself from doing so.  Although, I may need to replenish the liquid in the pan...if it's recommended that I use it.  If so, I'll do that about half way though.

    - Upon removing from the smoker, I'll wrap and put in a cooler until about 2 PM.

    - At 2 PM I'll remove from cooler, let rest for 1/2 hour and then begin to pull.

    - After pulling I'll put it in a large pot (crock pot maybe) and finish with Chef JJ's finishing sauce that I found here, combined with the juices from the drippings.

    - Daughter should be arriving from out of town at about 4 PM and then it's time for a feast.

    Thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

    If I can figure out the process of posting QView photo's, I'll do so.


  2. Craig

    You didn't say what smoker you are using. So I will just go with what you told us. I don't use water in my pan. I fill it with sand and wrap with foil. A brick wrapped in foil serves the same purpose (heat sink) I always plan on a 10 LB butt will be ready at the same time the next day. If it gets ready early it can ride for a long time in the cooler. As for opening the door. I open the door at about the 4 hour mark to put the probe in. That is a good time to take a picture. After that if you open the door you will get [​IMG]! Have fun and take notes of what you did so you can do it again or tell us what you did wrong so we can [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  3. David,

      Thanks for pointing out my mistake of not including my smoker.  It's a MES 30.

      Also, really appreciate the advise of 10 pounds...same time next day.  That tells me I had better get that thing in the box as soon as I get home from work this afternoon.  As you said, if it's ready earlier, it can always stay in the cooler.

      Okay, you really, really threw me with this comment.  You're either pulling my leg or I'm going to have to do a search and read up on: "I don't use water in my pan. I fill it with sand and wrap with foil. A brick wrapped in foil serves the same purpose (heat sink)".

    Thanks again.

  4. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  5. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Okay, you really, really threw me with this comment.  You're either pulling my leg or I'm going to have to do a search and read up on: "I don't use water in my pan. I fill it with sand and wrap with foil. A brick wrapped in foil serves the same purpose (heat sink)".

    Many here do not use the water pan. Water creates steam....the butt will be moist enough. Some do...some don''s a personal thing like foiling or not foiling.....soaking wood or not soaking. Play sand is used to fill that pan (it's safe)...holds the heat and stabilizes the chamber temperature. Many will use fire bricks for the same effect. Not many here would ever 'pull your leg'....LOL.....especially a newer smoker.....Willie
  6. Chef Willie,

      Thanks much for the advice.  I will indeed let it ride until it reaches the 200 mark and pull it at that time.

      As for the sides, my bride is making homemade mac & cheese (won't let me smoke it though) and I'm going to grill some veggies for the girl child.  My side dish will be a cold Sam Adams or Guinness. [​IMG]

      Cheers and thanks again for the input.  I must now go search on this topic of sand/brick/heat sink. [​IMG]
  7. Willy has you covered on the water pan thingy!

    Happy smoken.

  8. Well, for better our worse, it's in and smoking.
    I set one of my Mav-733 probes just under the meat rack and also placed the smoker probe in the same location. Temps are fluctuating between 250 and265 on the Mav-733 probe. At the same time, the grill probe reads 202. I trust the Mav probe as I have done a functional, controlled test on it to ensure accuracy. To obtain the current temp (262 at this moment), my MES-30 is set for 215. Pretty significant difference.
    ANMPS was easy to get going, but does not give off much smoke. I dried the pellets in microwave prior to use and as I stand and look from no more than 4 feet away, there is only a trace of smoke. Almost non-existent. I have the damper wide open, chip drawer removed and chip filler tube in place. If the smoke does not pick up I suppose I'll supplement with the MES tray and chipS, BUT trying to resist the urge to open the door until the 4 hour mark when I'll insert the probe for the meat.
    Certainly a disappointing premier by the ANMPS.
  9. Pull your chip loader out about an inch.

    Happy smoken.

  10. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sounds like you got TBS....thin blue smoke....exactly what you want for hours and hours as opposed to pluming white smoke out the stack. Relax, go have a beer and consider what your future new smoker will be when you get tired of dealing with the MES. Don't drive yourself crazy with fluctuating temps...quite common in electric units not controlled by a PID. After 20 some hours in there it will all be good.....and nice selection on the sides......Willie
  11. I'm just over 6 hours into the smoke and finding myself "hoping" for the best.  It's pretty cold out and I'm having trouble getting the MES up to temp.  At first I set if at 250 and of course according to the MES readings it was up to that temp.  However, according to the readings of my Mav-733 probe, I could not get the temp much above 200. So, I bumped the temp up to its max of 275 about an hour ago.  Thus far it has only reached 225 with the internal meat temp at 158 per the Mav's 2nd probe.

    I'm going to go down and wrap the smoker in a moving blanket to see if that helps get the temp up.  I'll let it go till midnight before I go down and add some additional pellets to the ANMPS.  If, by 0900 tomorrow the temps don't seem to be climbing, I'll have to pull it and put it in the oven to finish it.

    I don't know if it's the cold or if my smoker is on its last leg and needs to be replaced.
  12. Your in the stall now. Go get a [​IMG]  and let it ride. Your on the right track. You can finish it in the oven if you like. I finish everything in the smoker however you have applied smoke so it is now up to you. As my friend Oldschool bbq would say PATIENCE! It is a good thing the door is still shut [​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  13. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hey that's my line...[​IMG]

  14. Things changed rapidly after my last post.  By midnight, the internal meat temp was aroung 198, but I had zero smoke. Not surprised by the lack of smoke given that it had been 10 hours and that's on the upper end of what the ANMPS advertises. Opened the door to find a nicely barked butt and an almost full pan of un-burned pellets. [​IMG]   Only about 2 inches of pellets burned at all.  I restarted the pellets, closed the door and let it ride. I woke up at 0300 and the Mav receiver said the internal temp was 213 so I went to check on things.  Using my thermapen, I verified that the temps were indeed where the Mav reported so I pulled the meat, double wrapped in foil, multiple towels and it's in the cooler now.  I'll remove it from the cooler at 0900, shread it and put in the fridge until about 2 PM when I'll put it in the crock pot with the finishing sauce and get it heated up for my daughter's arrival.

    Pics later and thanks much for the advice and interest in this thread.  You guys are all very helpful.


    P.S. Than ANMPS has me scratching my head.
  15. turick

    turick Meat Mopper

    I've had the same thing happen to me with the AMPNS.  Getting it lit properly is absolutely key and sometimes it doesn't seem like there's a lot of rhyme or reason as to why sometimes it barely smokes and sometimes it's chugging.  Whenever I have a hard time seeing the smoke, I pull it out and re-light it.  My current technique is to hit it with a butane torch for a few minutes.  Then I take a wide putty knife and cover the top of the AMNPS and use a hair dryer to hit it with a lot of air.  The reason for the putty knife is that the hair dryer seems to blow burning pellets all over the place.  If I just keep the top covered a little, they stay in place.  This gets the pellets burning white-hot and produces really nice smoke. 

    Even still, there are random times where I come out and check and the smoke just isn't coming out like I expect, so I pull it out and do it again. 

    The general rule is to keep the smoker shut to avoid temperature fluctuations, and others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I wouldn't prioritize that over all else.  People who mop/spritz, etc are opening their smokers quite often.  If you're not getting the smoke you want, open it up and check it.

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