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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bullitt5339, Jan 31, 2016.

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    I've been registered here for a while and like to come in and read, but haven't been very active in the past, but that's about to change.  

    I began smoking a couple years ago when I bought a cheaper propane smoker and have used that time to perfect a lot of recipes.  My co-workers benefit from this a lot as we are a bunch of foodies, so I bring in food for them to try quite a bit.  I spend a lot of time, energy and effort on the food that I smoke, so it's nice that they're so pumped for when I bring in food.  I was already told that the next time I do pastrami, they will pay me for one.

    One complaint that I've always had is that the propane smoker is not wide enough to do full racks of ribs, full briskets and larger poultry.  I've also told my wife for the past year that I would like to smoke more, but because I have a 50 hour a week job, I don't get to do long cooks like I want to.  After hearing me complain for the past year, she finally asked me what I could do to make it to where I could cook as much as I want to.  I guess at 46 years old, she's getting tired of cooking for our large family and knows that I can cook much larger amounts of food with less effort on the smoker and grill.

    So I started researching larger but still affordable smokers that were more hands off and could smoke overnight without being babysat and reloaded often.

    I started looking at the Bradley Digital Smokers initially, but there were a few drawbacks to them that were a deal-breaker.  They're pretty thin, which I would suspect would make smoking in the rain and cold weather a bit more difficult.  The biscuits are also more expensive, especially if you buy them locally.  So I passed on it.

    I then ran across the Traeger at Costco and gave it some serious thought.  After researching pellet cookers, I decided that they were pretty much exactly what I needed for my schedule but the Traeger just didn't do it for me, so I kept looking.  It seems that I would have to spend a lot of money to get what I wanted from a pellet smoker, which didn't please the wife and had me put those plans on hold for a while.  A couple days ago, I was sick and bored, so I decided to do some more research and ran across the REC TEC and it fits about 90% of what I want, so I talked to the wife about it and while it is a little more than I originally wanted to spend, the wife agreed that it would be better to go ahead and spend the money once instead of buying something that I'm not going to be happy with.

    So next payday, I'm dropping an order for the REC TEC Kitchen Sink package.  They're only a couple hours away, so when I'm ready I may call them and see if I can just come pick it up instead of waiting on truck shipping who most likely can't get into my driveway anyway. 

    I'm happy to finally be able to do large cuts of meats and my wife will be excited that she can take more nights off from cooking from here on out.  I was showing her recipes from their Youtube channel and she was getting wide eyed, which means that the money will be well spent.

    Thanks for reading, 

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    Welcome to the group!  Sounds like you've done your research, best of luck with that REC TEC.  I've seen some awesome Qview from folks with those smokers!  Glad ya joined us.

  3. Hey RIch. Glad you are here. I was just thinking about some of my favorite NC spots. Really miss Little Richards. 
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    Hey Rich, welcome to the site.  Best luck with the new smoker and bigger meals.
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    Welcome back to SMF, Rich

    Good luck with the new smoker!

  6. Welcome back. Where in NC are you?
  7. bullitt5339

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    I'm in Lumber Bridge, but the only way anyone knows about this tiny place is because we used to have the greatest BBQ all you can eat buffet in NC called Chason's.  It burnt to the ground years ago, leaving us back in the stone age........[​IMG]

    It's about halfway between Fayetteville and Lumberton.

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