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  1. Hi all,

    So here's my situation...  I have an event on Memorial Day starting at 9 am after the parade.  I am doing ribs and brisket for about 150.  I don't really want to be hanging out in the school parking lot all night smoking the brisket and ribs.  

    So here's my question... I know the brisket can be smoked before hand and reheated on the day of... but I'm not sure how long and what temp to reheat it at.

    As for the ribs, can those also be smoked before hand and then reheated the day of the event?  Ho long and what temp should I reheat them for?  Will they still be moist and tender, or does reheating cause them to get ry and tough.


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    What do you have to reheat in? What temp can you do, 225, 325°F? Basically both can be reheated in an oven or smoker. A wrapped brisket heated at 325 to an IT of 165 will take about an hour or so. Wrapped ribs less time. The naked ribs can also be reheated on a Grill nicely as well in about 15 minutes...JJ
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    You can also vac seal or place meats in various sized zip freezer bags and reheat in 160°-180° simmering water. The results will be the same as when placed in the bags and can be held until service without worry of overcooking or drying out. Place a rack on the bottom of the pot to keep bags off the bottom. It can also be steamed in the same manner.

  4. Perfect, I'll be using my smoker on site... I have a propane hook up for clean and easy reheating...  just never re heated ribs.  It's at a dance school, so no kitchen to use, other than a small microwave.  LOL

    This should work well.

    Thanks, Dan
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    If you do cooking events enough I suggest getting a propane steam table. I had problems with reheating or holding foods for events. Roasting pans draw too many amps even if you have a generator. Crock pots are too small chafing pans are a pain in the butt.  I finally broke down and bought a 3 bay propane steam table. Best thing i ever did. No worries about having access to electricity. Big Johns sells them if you want to Google them up. They are spendy but are built like a tank and serve the purpose perfectly.
  6. How well do they travel?  Right now I only do 4-5 "Events" per year, so not sure its worth the investment yet...  but who knows what the future holds.
  7. Any ideas on how many bones per guest?  I'm the only source of protein, school is suppling cookies and salads.  I will have both brisket and ribs.

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    They are made for portable catering. The legs are threaded so you can screw them on and off the table. They are heavy but not impossible for one person to take down or set up.

    Nice units highly recommend. I may purchase another one next year if I keep getting more events.
    I usually figure 3 to 4 people per rack of ribs but you have to judge your crowd. If it's a bunch of high school boys they can pack it away. The ladies and small children not so much.
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