raised my own turkeys and they are huge

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jimmyzshack, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. wish me luck on smoking them one is 38.4lb the other 35.8lb. going to have to splatchcock them for sure.

  2. bear55

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    Pay attention to the danger zone time frames.  Basically, you want to keep the time the bird is between 40 and 140 to less than 4 hours.  the larger the bird the more difficult this is.  Good luck and I am sure these will be better than the ones bought in the store.

  3. I will probably will smoke them at 300-325 degrees.
  4. shoneyboy

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    FYI, If you wet cure them using Pops curing recipe you will have longer time range to smoke them.......
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    I'm in...
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    At the temps you are smoking them at, and if you spatch you will be fine getting your temp above 140 in 4. Those are some big birds!
  7. red dog

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    Jimmy, M R huge turkeys! Looks like someone plucked a pterodactyl! I would also try Pop's brine if you can find a bucket big enough.
  8. Fine looking birds. I look forward to seeing the cook.

    Happy smoken.

  9. just halved them and they are in the brine (salt and brown sugar). Only going to smoke one of them putting the other in the freezer for a later day.
  10. Well it's 3am christmas day and i just started the smoke. Smoker is 44" wide.

  11. Here a picture done at 8:30am. I should have taken a picture of the other half it looked better. They are wrapped in foil and are in the chest for lunch. oh, i smoked at 280 till. The last 30min i took the water pan out and took it up to 350.

  12. shoneyboy

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