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    Well the wife came home with some ribs the other day & we're both work off today, so that sounds like reason enough for me. It's rained pretty much all night here in Chicagoland & it's been on & off since I got up, so I decided to do this in my garage. I have the smoker right at the edge of the open garage door & a fan between the smoker & the doorway leading into the family room, so I don't think I'll have ventilation problems. I'm going to go back to hickory for my wood, as it just seems to be my favorite for ribs. My rub is from the Big Bob Gibson cookbook I just received a week or so ago & so is my sauce, which is their Championship Red Sauce. Like the last time I did ribs, I plan on not wrapping them. I also plan on doing some cheese & bacon potatoes in there too after a few hours, The recipe was for 4-6 hours in a slow cooker using frozen, country-style hashbrowns, but I'm going to cut up some russets I have here & use those. I figure on the hotter, third rack I plan on using, that they would only maybe take a couple of hours, but really have no clue. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.

    I actually had no problems removing the membranes from both racks this morning, a first for me.

    I had to do a little trimming of some fat on the meat side, though.

    Got'em rubbed nice.

    Fired up the smoker & got it warming up. I put my Maverick probe on the top rack this time to see how accurate the chamber's sensor was. Last time I checked the second rack & there wasn't a whole lot of difference. This time, when the top rack was 193 the according to the smoker, it was 188 on the Maverick. Not bad, but when the smoker showed the 275 I wanted, the Maverick said only 255, so there is more of a difference on the top rack than the second one. Next time I'll check the third one. Since I plan on using both racks 1 & 2 this time, I plan on switching the racks after 2.5-.3 hours at 275, my smoker's max.

    So the ribs have been in now for about 30 mins & the garage smells of that nice hickory wood.

    Now I will work on a little spritz. I meant to grab grape juice, as a grape/apple juice spritz was the plan, but forgot, so now I have only the apple juice. Any suggestions on what I could add to it? I know I have lime juice, but I'm not sure that's something that would really work so well.

    It's going to be good day.

  2. Looking Good  [​IMG]

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    Thanks buddy. I'm hoping to hit my stride (at least with ribs) soon.

    It's  been two and a half hours so I just switched the racks around & spritzed them with apple juice, apple cider vinegar & a little bit of lime juice. They were looking good but I forgot to take a pic! I'll get one when I spritz them again in an hour.

    The wife has decided she would rather have twice-baked potatoes rather than the recipe I WAS making, so I offered no argument. She wants to make them in the house & let them finish for an hour or so in the smoker, so I plan on burning my wood all the way through. I've never done the potatoes in there so if I'm making a mistake with that anyone feel free to let me know.

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    It's been an hour since I flipped the rack positions & spritzed them, so I went ahead & sprayed'em again.

    Remember these were just swapped from one rack to the other an hour ago, but you can definitely tell that what's now on the top (cooler) rack already has the meat shrinking up the bone  somewhat & the contents of the now hotter, second rack did not really look like that. I'm glad I flipped these half way through.

    Anywho- they smell great & sounded so nice when the spritz hit'em.

    I guess we better get to work on those potatoes.

  6. Your Making me hungry! Lookin tasty!
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    Thanks man.

    It's smellin' so good.

    The potatoes are put together & are in the smoker. While I was in there another spritzing was in order. The sauce will be coming soon now. Planning on giving them the bend/toothpick test at 4:45 in, as that's when I'm either saucing'em or spritzing them (if they are still too firm) anyway.

    The spuds-

    It won't be long now.

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    Looking good!
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    Thanks, B. Appreciate that.

    Well, they turned out pretty good. I thought they might be dry when I pulled them out, but I believe that was just due to the sauce that I put on maybe a bit too early. Once I cut into them I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. The rub came through so nice- it was probably the best rub I ever used. They were tender, juicy & just.... really good.

    The potatoes were also excellent & since I burned my wood chips until the end, took on a nice, smoky flavor. I've had these double-baked many times, but never out of the smoker & it was like a whole new recipe taste-wise.

    The wife made some baked beans in the house, so I added the drippings to those & of course that just made them better too.

    And now the porknography:


    ready to eat with the potatoes-

    and the leftovers for at work-

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    :drool Glad to hear they turned out! I just use sauce on the side but I'll take some leftovers!Thumbs Up
  11. Nice Looking Ribs, Good job     [​IMG]

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    Thanks, B.

    It doesn't much matter to me whether it's on the side, drizzled on, or slathered on, but I gotta have me some sauce.
    Thanks for the points, G. I definitely appreciate that.

    I believe that the next time I do ribs I will give the wrap one more chance. The first time I did it, was also my first outing with this smoker, so I'm hoping it would turn out better this time. I want to try adding some flavors in the foil this time around & to use this Gibson rub as well. If they happen to not turn out as well as these or the last ones I did, then I would probably stick to no-wrap.

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    I also wanted to mention something other users of an MES30 may be interested in. On my last smoke (a pork butt), I tested the accuracy of the smokers thermometer against my Maverick on the rack I was using (#2). Smoker said 275 but Maverick said 286. This time I was using two racks for these ribs so I set my Maverick probe up on rack #1 to check that one out. Again, smoker said 275, but Maverick was always less, sometimes as much as 20 degrees, but usually about 15. Next time, I will check out rack #3. I expect that one to be hotter than #2, but want to see if it's closer to the most accurate (#2) or if the cooler, rack #1 is closer to #2 in terms of accuracy. I want to know which racks are optimum in this smoker, at least for 275 degrees. I am keeping notes & trying to learn while having a helluva good time!



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