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Discussion in 'Fish' started by ebro, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Hey all I got about 12 pounds of some nice rainbow want to smoke I have it in a brine right now but just want to know the best temp to cook at I know roughly around 145 IT but just the actual cook temp and what wood do you suggest? I was thinking a couple pans of Apple but any suggestions would be great
    Thanks all
  2. sb59

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    When I 1st starting smoking fish it was with a Little Chief smoker. They were preset to run between 165 & 185 degrees depending on the wind & outside temps. Fish always turned out great! So I figure don't fix what ain't broke & keep my Masterbuilt in that same range!
  3. Yea I just went ahead and tried it set it at 185 for about two hours or so then down to 165 because it was at 145it and thought no way so turned it down and just let it smoke for a while turned out pretty good
  4. sb59

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    Glad it turned out OK. I like mine a bit smokier so I usually use hickory for everything ( apple is pretty mellow ) & start on the lower temp. to give the fish a longer time to absorb smoke. Used to be a bit of a chore with my analog but I just added a plug & play PID & it pretty much stayed dead on the set temp.

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