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    Hi well its raining and I have 6 pounds of pork loin I want to smoke so I think I need to start soon. Does  the rain affect cook and smoke times thanks
  2. The rain can cool the cooker and wind could cause fire control issues, so yes to both questions.  If you have an EZ-Up or similar shelter I'd use it.
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    Rain can affect but that also is dependent on the cooker, smoker temp, amount of rain and outdoor temp. Light Rain on a 90*F summer day with a smoker running 275-300*F, your Brinkman may not even notice. Heavy down pour in Oct with wind, yes, big time cooling and a longer cook. Upstate NY weather today is low 80's with scattered showers. If you have a Canopy, use it, if not and the wind is not too heavy or a steady Down Pour for Hours, the rain should not have a big effect. It is a short cook as well, 2-4 hours depending on smoker temp and not going over an IT of 135-140*F. No need to Panic, yet...JJ
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    yeah thanks my temps are 250 to 275 steady which is what I was looking for I want to cook a little slow I think I am looking at 5 or 6 hour cook time and I will have pics when done  in a post and on Qview   
  5. Go get yourself a tarp, the plastic ones, every hardware store sells them.  What I do, when smoking with my Electric 30 inch MES, I place two patio chairs, one about a foot either side, Back of the chairs to the smoker, throw a 12 X 8 tarp over the chair backs, this covers the smoker, stays several inches above the smoker, but keeps the rain off.  I can just lift one side of the tarp to access the smoker, when needed.  I will place some form of weighty object on the tarp, on the patio chair seats to keep the tarp in place if a wind comes up.
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