Rain and therms oh my!

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    So the other night I was grilling a tri tip some of you may have saw.

    It was blowing and raining, think monsoon rains, coming from all directions. I had placed my iGrill in a plastic baggie during the smoke and all was well. As usual with dinner and pre-dinner, I had a few of our local and non-local micro brews and I kind of forgot about the iGrill!!!

    The next morning I awoke in a panic remembering that I had not brought in the iGrill!!! Not only had I not brought in the iGrill, it was still blowing and raining. I went out to the gasser and there she was still sitting on the side table, sans plastic bag!!! I immediately grabbed her and towel dried her off.

    Praying that she hadn't drowned, I opened her app to check her vital signs. She was alive!!! 40/40 the screen read! I checked her energy level, 75%, thank goodness I got there in time!!!

    This is the third time I've done that, the other two times the auto sprinklers hit her. I'm surprised she hasn't all but left me yet!
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  2. Looks like you ducked that bullet yet again!

    One trick to remember with any small electronics device that gets wet:  Leave it off, or turn it off, pat it dry and put it in a sealed ziplock bag filled with uncooked rice.  Rice is a great natural desiccant and will do a great job drying out the insides
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I think, even though not advertised that it is a bit water resistant. They make a device called iShower that is a radio for using in the shower. Same body as the therm. The battery door for the therm is gasketed. I've toasted two mavericks due to water!. Wish I could remember to not smoke and drink!
  4. Do it again to her and I'll bet you she'll divorce you!

    Glad all is okay though!
  5. sqwib

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    Third time...., your lucky you don't get locked up for "thermo abuse"

  6. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I know  'm pressing my luck! Pretty impressed though!
  7. That's it.  You don't deserve to own it.  Send it to me.  Now! 


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