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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ragnar, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Hello, everyone!

    Ragnar from Wisconsin checking in!

    I've been grilling since my dad handed me the tongs, making fresh sausages for years, and recently ventured into the world of smoking and curing.

    My primary goal was to make summer sausage, salami, bologna, and similar things, with a secondary goal of jerky and smoked fish. Smoking meats for a main course (like pulled pork, chops, or ribs) wasn't a big goal... at first.

    With this in mind, I went with a Bradley 4-tray Digital. Finding the temp swings and pre-heat/recovery times horrible, I've since added an Auber controller, and have plans to add a second 500W element.

    So far, I've done a couple of batches of snack sticks, a summer sausage, a cotto salami, some smoked bratwurst, some andouille, and had a great batch of Canadian Bacon following Bearcarver's method (THANKS!). Additionally, we smoked some chops for dinner, a couple of pounds of Sockeye, and I am currently finishing up a batch of Ahi. For a departure from meats, we cold-smoked a batch of mild cheddar, mozzarella, longhorn colby, and baby Swiss.

    All in all, I'm really pretty pleased with the rig, though I can see adding a second one that is more for doing the main course meats like a brisket, prime rib, or turkey, where size and the amount of Bradley pucks might be an issue.

    Looking forward to learning more from this community, and hoping to be able to give some back!
  2. one eyed jack

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    Hey Ragnar, welcome aboard and congratulations on taking up the smoking hobby. 

    Sounds like your off to a great and fast start with your smoking.

    I look forward to reading about some of your smoke projects.  Don't forget to take plenty of pictures.  We can't get enough of the photos round here.
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    [​IMG]To SMF glad to have you on board take the time to read on top of Home page if you haven't already done so the article Initial Greeting also to help there is a search engine on top of Home page.

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