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    So I did my 3rd smoke yesterday. Ribs. 

    I have been dialing in my rub and it is getting more to my liking. So the rack was cut in half and received a slathering of prepared mustard and a good coating of my rub then wrapped up and into the fridge for the night.

    The next day they went into the smoker at about 205 for 2 hours using a mix of apple and cherry wood.

    I then pulled half the rack out and and placed in in foil that contained butter, mustard, Johnny walker, prepared whisky apple butter spread, worsteshire, and a dab of chili paste. Back into the smoker for another hour.

    The foiled half was then pulled out of the foil and put back in for one more hour.

    Both halves were then pulled out and lightly wrapped in foil and into a warm oven for 3 min to relax a bit while I got the side dishes ready.

    To summarize, 1 half of the rack received the rub and was in the smoker for a straight 4 hours. The other half received same rub but I tried a 2-1-1 method.

    Two halves rubbed and resting over night

    Two halves in the smoker

    Foil treatment for one half

    Both halves ready to eat. The darker one on top was no foil the lighter one had the foil treatment

    CONCLUSION: 4 hours was not long enough for my conditions. The non foiled half was great, almost spot on (I think), maybe another 30 min in the smoker at temp. The foiled half was not done enough, not as tender, another 1-1.5 hrs needed to get that connective tissue and fat to break down like the un foiled half. Flavor may have been better then the un foiled but the texture of the un foiled made them so much better.

    I guess thats why it is a 3-2-1 or 2-2-2 method and not a 2-1-1 ha ha. Lesson learned. Still an enjoyable meal.

    Pork shoulder in the plan for tomorrow.
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    Yep, five hours is just about right every time for baby backs. Six for spares.
  3. bear55

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    For baby backs, I go for 2-2-1 @235 and have never been disappointed.  For spare ribs I increase the timing to 3-2-1.
  4. I did  3 St. Louis and a baby back today   3 - 1.25 - 1    Perfect

  5. timberjet

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    Boy gary. Those look good enough to eat.
  6. Getten ready to find out !


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