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    I have a 30" digital MES. I'm just looking for a rack or something so that I can prep my meat in the house and place it on the rack, and then go out and easily set the rack on top of the rack in the smoker. Does this make sense? Pretty simple but would be handy.
  2. Todd's QMATZ would work but you would have to put it on a sheet tray, take to the smoker and transfer the QMATZ and food to the smoker rack.

    I bought several disposable aluminum foil pans with holes in the bottoms 

    (from Ace Hardware, Big Box Stores)

    and some Master Forge Grill O Sheets 

    at Lowes.

    I also have a couple sturdier grill topper racks I bought at Safeway last summer - they are non stick and have handles (similar to the Master Forge Grill Topper also available at Lowes)

    I believe I have seen these at The Big Box Stores as well - and they are a bit sturdier than the disposable aluminum foil ones 

     I just set whichever vessel I'm using on a sheet tray, put my meat in and take it to the smoker or grill.  
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll head to Lowe's/Home Depot tomorrow and see what they have. I may have some questions after that. Hopefully something will fit in my 30".

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