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Discussion in 'Pork' started by poseidon, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. poseidon

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    So the weekend was supposed to be spent installing a new exhaust on my car, and due to circumstances out of my control, this would not be the case. So I sat for a bit and wallowed in my own self pity while staring at my neglected SMOKE VAULT. It then hit me like an 18 wheeler, that this cannot happen..... I have the SPRINT CUP CHAMPIONSHIP on Sunday followed by the PATS vs COLTS game. A DOUBLE WHAMMY!!! The SMOKE VAULT whispered to me... "We haven't played in a while and I miss your company. Lets say you go to Costco and grab some ribs and other goodies that play nice together and lets play?!"

    The following photos may cause intense hunger pains. Please look at your own risk.

    Membrane off, wrap in in fridge for night..... see you in a few hours my pretties..

    Woke up at 04:45 and snuck downstairs as not to awaken the sleeping bear and put naked ribs into a marinade for 4 hrs. (SHHH...don't pay any attention to the ingredients in the background!!!)

    Prepping beans. This is a close to THE BEST bean recipe on this forum...DUTCH's.

    Prepping Mac and Cheese.

    Ribs drained of marinade and on the block for seasoning. Rubbed with yellow mustard and the applied the seasoning. Really good stuff, highly recommended.


    About to enter the hot box..

    Temp up to 300 for start and placed the chip tray in. Adjusted to 225 and hold.

    Mastering the THIN BLUE LINE...

    Well.... not much more to do now but crack a cold one. I have no water pan in there this time and will do this w/o wrapping this time. This was the first time I marinated the ribs, so felt no need to try the wrap?

    STAY TUNED....
  2. crazymoon

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    I'll be watching, good luck with the smoke and go Colts !
  3. poseidon

    poseidon Newbie

    2hrs in and now DUTCH's BEANS go in for some smoke and heat...
  4. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Getting hungry please share more pics!
  5. poseidon

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    So I thought I'd add a Rack of Lamb to the smoker cause it felt so empty. Rubbed it down with Stone Ground Mustard and one of those squeeze btls of Italian Herbs you get from the market. It is in the start of the 4th hour of smoke and the chips held up very well with a slow constant blue smoke throughout the process. I dumped the last of the embers and just added  a new batch of APPLE chips for the remainder for the Rack of Lamb. I just  put in the mac and Cheese in the oven at 350 for 45 mins or so and then just wrap it and keep it warm in the smoker for the last bit to keep warm. Beans look like they are doing well and hopefully picking up the smoke.

    I have my trusty side kick who is taking a bit of a breather from the anticipation...

  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Watching [​IMG], looking swell so far...[​IMG]
  7. welshrarebit

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    Great Qview!!! That's how it's done...

    I thought for a second you were gonna smoke the dog! NO!!!

    Looks awesome! Gonna be eating good tonite...

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