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Discussion in 'Pork' started by lucc, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. lucc

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    Well I picked up a 11.5# fresh shoulder and 2 racks of ribs to smoke this Saturday. Was wondering if there would be an issue with rubbing them with dry and wrapping Thursday nigh?. Don't know if this will impact the meat at all.

    Also, I want to cut the shoulder in half for faster results, what is the best method? Clean hack saw with new blade?

  2. ddigitalpimp

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    i dont think there is anything wrong with rubbing two days before smoking. 

    ive never cut a sholder in half but i do know that shoulder bone is very hard compared to rib bones or something like that.  you may have a tough time cutting it.  id just wake up earlier and throw the shoulder on first or even the night before if you want to eat the ribs at the same time as the pulled pork sammies.
  3. placebo

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    As long as the meat is still good sitting an extra day in rub won't hurt a thing. Done it plenty of times. Agree with DP on the shoulder mostly because I've never cut one either and it seems like it would be a hassle without a band saw. I guess another option would be to take it to your local butcher and have them cut it for you.
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  4. dutch

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    Dave, When I was cutting meat I'd have customers call and ask if they could bring is a roast or two in to have cut into smaller roasts or into steaks. Most times we could do it for them.

    Check with the butcher at the market were you bought your shoulder and see it they will cut it in half for you. If they want to keep you as a repeat customer, they'll do it with a smile. 

    I have a small meat saw that has a 12 inch blade (looks like a hack saw on steroids) that I use at home.  You should be able to find one at your local butcher/restaurant supply or online. I paid $20 for it but then that was nearly 30 years ago.

  5. lucc

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    Thanks for the replies. I know the butcheer at the grocery store will cut it with no questions asked if I wanted them to. I just don't want to make a trip out of my way. :)

    My uncle used to work at a butcher and I think I remember him saying I could just use a clean hacksaw/blade. I mean that pic of the saw you posted looks identical to a hacksaw. Also, looking online I found where hunters that get hogs use a hacksaw to cut through the bone.
  6. lucc

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    Hey Dutch, Amazon has that saw for $12.95!!!

  7. lucc

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    Well the hacksaw worked like a charm!

  8. the only thing with rubbing days before smoking is make sure that your rub is not high in sodium..if you rub the pork with a high salt or sodium rub then it may dry the meat out just a tad...

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