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  1. beuler

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    Last night i prepared meat with Hi Mountain Jerky Kit and it is suppose to be -12 below tonight....can i save it for a few days or 5 ( weekend) without it turning bad? 5#'s in the fridge in a zip loc baggie.  Will it be to strong, spoiled, etc....? Ty

  2. geerock

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    Its supposed to cure for several days not just overnight in most cases. What kind of meat are you curing?
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  3. beuler

    beuler Smoke Blower

    Its some kinda beef, of course..i bought it a while ago....it says to refrigerate for 24 hours, so I called Hi Mountain, and they said it will be fine, just a little saltier..Joe
  4. grizsmoker

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    Beuler. The same thing happened to me over Thanksgiving. My jerky sat in the Ziploc for 5 days. Some of my friends and family said it was the best teriyaki jerky they have ever had. 

    I personally thought it was to strong. I should have either rinsed the meat off before smoking or added some water to the mix.
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