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  1. Hi all,

    Been trying new things on the charcoal kettle that the girls bought me for fathers day. It's my first charcoal grill ever, and now my poor Broil King gasser must fell pretty lonely. I haven't used it in weeks. Anyway, I've always been crazy about Korean BBQ, but was never able to reproduce it successfully, until I found this at a local Asian market.


    I marinated some thick short ribs & some chicken breast in it for 6 hours or so. Then on the grill wih Royal Oak lump charcoal. It was very close to what we get at the restaurant we often go to. It is still missing a little something, but was almost the real deal. If you can find this marinade, give it a try. Quick, easy & delicious.



    Thank Q for watching & have a great week.
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    It does look good...
  3. meateater

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    Thanks, that looks great. Korean BBQ is great stuff. [​IMG]
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    Gros i love the way you look at food and doing great eats .this one is for keep.
  5. Try this recipe for some good galbi.


    This is what we use and it turns out alot better than the bottled stuff. My mother-in-law is from Korea and even she said it is pretty damn good one
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    Looks delicious!
  7. Thanks

     Yeah, I love this stuff, thank you

     You are always so kind my friend. I must say I too really enjoy looking at your food, you give me a lot of ideas.

     Thank you. Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to open the link from work. I will try later at home. I've been looking for a real recipe for a long time, thank you.

    Thank you very much sir.
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    Gros, that's one fine looking plate of grilled goodness. I haven't been to a korean or chinese food establishment for a several months...long enough that this has me wanting to make a little road trip, or make some myself. Asain style cooking has it's very own unique flavors and textures, and I find them very appealing.

    Looks deliciously tempting!

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    Awesome plate!!

  10. Thanks Eric. Asian cuisine is awesome. I especially love their great soups with incredible broth, filled with mystery meats and vegetables. mmmmmmmmmmm!
  11. Thank you Craig. Next time I'll try navyjeremy's recipe he recommanded. Have a great evening sir.
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    Hey that looks great! Nice side dish also.
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    I have a Korean friend that makes kimchee about every month. She makes a coupl quarts for me when she does.

    Wife says it gives me breath bad enough to run off evil spirits and most Lawyers..   [blood suckers in general]

    Love it though.   Good lookin' plate there.  Hemi.[​IMG]
  14. have you seen the "Cooking with Dog" series on YouTube?  She makes some terrific (mostly Japanese) dishes.  There's a lot of insight into how the broths are created.  I've always loved Asian soups in general, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodian, Thai, all of 'em.

    no, she doesn't cook the dog, she just lets him watch  [​IMG]

    those ribs look awesome!
  15. My Wife is Korean and cooks Korean BBQ quite often as I love it
    Here is the recipe that she uses

    3-4 lbs Thin sliced Short Rib (Found at Korean/Asian Market)
    ¾ cup finely chopped Green Onion or Scallion
    ¾ cup Soy sauce
    2 ¼  cup Crushed Pear Juice
    2 ½ TBS Minced Garlic
    2 ½ TBS Sugar
    3 TBS Sesame oil

    In a medium to large mixing bowl combine all the ingredients.
    Pour over the meat and mix thoroughly and marinate at least 1-2 hours.
    (Ideal marinating time is over 4 hours or overnight.)
    Turn meat in marinade from time to time.
    Grill indirect heat.

    Serve 4-6
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    Great looking plate -thanks for the recipe

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