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Discussion in 'Beef' started by kryinggame, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I'm ready to smoke my first beef brisket and have a few questions. Earlier today I went to my local Walmart and saw 2 pieces of meat. The first is labeled "flat cut corned beef brisket" (it was square shaped and was about 2.34 lbs). The second piece was labeled, "Beef Brisket" and this one is about the length of a slab of baby back. Yesterday, I was at Costco and saw a small piece of beef which looked more like a skirt steak, it was only about 1/4 thick and is $19.00. and labeled "Beef Brisket"

    I'm confused as to why there are so many variations on beef brisket. I'm wondering if different places considers different cuts to be beef brisket. I was under the assumption that a brisket is more the size of a roast.

    Can someone kindly set me straight as to what I should be looking for.

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    Corned beef is a piece of brisket that has been wet cured and turned into a corned beef.

    The second one was probably a "full packer" which is a whole brisket which consists of two parts, the "flat" and the "point".

    The one you saw at Costco was probably just a piece of a "flat".

    If you search "brisket" on here you will find many explanations to the different parts of brisket and ways to smoke it.
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    S2K is correct and many of us soak the corned beef brisket then smoke it and have pastrami which makes great sandwiches
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    Kryinggame, if I may , I suggest doing a Pork Butt or Chicken some before going to Brisket, one must be very patient when doing Brisket(I speak of the whole or 'Packer' Brisket).  I hate to lose money on bad experiments ( I'm not saying you could not do one) , but it takes a "PATIENT" person  to do a Brisky and Butts are so forgiving and Chicken >cheap[​IMG]. Flats are even a little touchier, (not having the Fat to help "Slowly" break down the Collegen ) they will dry out and become Shoe Leather[​IMG].

    Once you have the dynamics of Butts , and you have the Patients , then do a Brisket. Just my .02 worth...

    Have fun and...
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    Hehe, go for it my Friend, and have fun with it, just be patient and keep the temp. low=225*f  +/- 20*f .

    Good luck and good eating ;}-
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    This is what you need to look for - a full packer brisket.

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