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Discussion in 'Pork' started by shea1973, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I am going to be Smoking 16 lbs Pork Shoulder Butt for Saturday evening, plan on serving it around 6:00pm.  I have smoked on in the past but it was only about 8 lbs, this one is double the size.  The one I smoked in the past took about 9 hours and turned out perfect! They only had 2 of them at Sam's the day I went and both were about the same size. 

    My understanding is that it is about 1.5 hours per pound at around 225-250 temp?  So that would take about 24 hours to smoke, so starting at about 5:00pm with the fire if I want to get it done by 6:00pm on Saturday? 

    I am not going to use any rub this time because my Mom and brother hate rub.  I have tried all sorts of different kinds and even the one I bought from this website, but they still don't like any rub on any of their meat.  They say they like to taste the Meat and with the rub they can't taste the meat.  But they love BBQ Sauce on their meat.  Yes I know they are weird unfortunately they are my family![​IMG]   So I am going to use some homemade BBQ sauce of mine.  So about while I am smoking it, when would be the best time to start to Sauce it up?

    Also if I remember right their is a point in time that you wrap it up in Aluminum Foil and put it back in the smoker.  So about what time do you do this or am I wrong on this one?

    I will be using Hickory Logs and Hickory Chunks to smoke this.

    Thanks for all your help and suggestions.  I will make sure I take pics after I get done this time, because I forgot to take them the last time I smoked my brisket!
  2. Also just wanted to make sure, but the eternal temp should be between 190-205, is that right?
  3. Shea ...Check that package..i think you bought a 2 pack of butts. That would be the biggest butt i ever seen!!! I take my butts to 205 for pulling.
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    Looking forward to hearing about and SEEING the results!  Cheers!
  5. They come in two packs at Sam's thats not one butt I can guarantee it. As far as the sauce gos I would just serve it on the side and let them decide how they want their meat. Good luck and happy July 4th weekend!
  6. adiochiro3

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    2 butts/pack is what I was thinking, too.  On the other hand, he could have been trying to smoke Hogzilla or one of his cousins... [​IMG]
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    Don't forget the Q-view!
  8. HAHA! No kiddin, I think the average hog size is around 250lbs. So a 16lb butt would come off a roughly 500 lb hog! I almost always get my butts at Sam's so the opinion is an educated one.

  9. Yah I bought it at Sam's so must have been 2 of them inside the package![​IMG]   I was going to take some pics of them and post them on the forums, about about 5 minutes after we got the fire started a family emergancy happen and had to stop.  So I never got them in the smoker.   Luckly they were still in the Air Tight Bag that I bought them in, so I put them back in the Freezer.  I have heard once you thaw something your really not suppose to refreeze it, but I didn't want to waste all that meat.  I think they should be okay for the next time I decide to smoke them?  If not then let me know Please!   Plan to smoke them in Steptember.

    I would have posted sooner about why I didn't post a pic of them like I said I would, but never got them finish.  Then my computer got a bad virus, my cosuin works on computers but lives an hour away, wasn't able to get together so he could fix my couputer for about 2 weeks.  Then also had a bunch of other things going on as well.  But when I try to attempt to smoke them in Steptember, I promise to post some pics![​IMG]

    Again if they would not be okay after thawing them and refreezing them please let me know!  They are in Air Tight sealed bags, so I figure they would be alright!
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    I think they will be fine. Butts have a mind of there own just like briskets. If you cook them at a solid 230 one may be done hours before the other. I can have 20 butts go on with in 10 minutes and some are ready with in 6-8 hours and the others are 8-14. I just don't pull mine before 200 degrees internal. You can speed up the time some by cutting them in half.
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    The problem with re-freeze is the lower temp home freezers, freeze slowly. Big ice crystals form cutting through the meat fibers and after the second thaw you can end up with mushy meat.  BIG deal for Ham ,Seafood and Beef Steaks! No Problem for Butts that are going to be pulled!

    There would be a Health Hazard if you defrost on the counter, which you should never do, but thawed in the fridge and getting exterior to 140*+ before probing will be safe to eat and enjoy...JJ

  12. That is what I did when I defrosted them the first time, put them in the refigirator for several days.  99% of the meat I thaw is from the fridge.  Thanks for the advice and tips from everyone!
  13. If its defrosted in the fridge you can freez it again with out any worry's.

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