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Discussion in 'Beef' started by zjaybird, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. zjaybird

    zjaybird Meat Mopper

    Has anybody started out with a brisket and had to abandon it? I just had to this weekend. Work called, so I said a little prayer, took my brisket, placed it in a roasting pan, poured the rest of my mop in the pan and left it for 4 hours. (Had the neighbor, check it to make sure there wasn't a fire). Surprisingly, it turned out okay....not like I imagined.....
    Is this a way that some cook brisket? it is really juicy, tastes more like my mop that I am used to.

  2. gnubee

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    What temp did you set the oven at? If you had placed it on a rack set in a roasting pan so that the meat was not sitting in the liquid the mop taste would not have been as pronunced. Basicly you just roasted it.

    Its all good I have finished some my smokes in the oven when something came up. You have to do what you have to do.

    Hint : It seems to me you need to teach that good neighbour how to smoke.
  3. ddave

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    Yes, but they call it pot roast.[​IMG]

    Just kidding. Hey, he who improvises best wins! [​IMG] That's my motto. If it tasted good and was safe to eat, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

    Now that sounds like a good idea.[​IMG]

  4. mballi3011

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    No I haven't had to abandon one but If you have to you have to. I have heard many times that people finish their butts and briskets in the oven. As long as it came out alright your fine.
  5. zjaybird

    zjaybird Meat Mopper

    My neighbor actually checked on my smoker...I kept the temp around 225-230. I put the brisket in an aluminum pan for roasting, that is where I poured the rest of my Killian's/apple juice mob.
    It did come out okay...but yes it was more of a roast.....I think I was probably the only one that noticed. My neighbor did flip the brisket for me a few times in that 4 hours it was abandoned. And yes...if I taught him to smoke then I wouldn't get the free beer that he brings lol
  6. helljack6

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    Probably NOT what you're looking for here, but in the future if you think you're going to be pressed for time for whatever reason, you can always turn out a high heat brisket and do a full 14-15lb packer in UNDER 4 HOURS. Yes, I said it, and i've done it myself.

    The secret is assume two things:

    1. You're not interested in bark development. Brisky cooked at high heat doesn't not develop any type of bark that is traditionally associated with brisket. If this is not a primary concern for you, high heat is a good way to go.

    2. You have 4 hours of time, start to finish, from loading the smoker to removing it and letting it rest. Again, i'm not kidding, it can be done.

    Crank your smoker to 350 degrees, toss several chunks of wood in for flavor. Cook uncovered and unwrapped for 2.5-2.7 hours. Pull and foil. Return to smoker and run at 350-375 for next hour. When probe enters either vertically or horizontally into any part of the flat like a hot knife entering butter, it's done (I usually pull just shy of this point as the brisket will continue to cook once wrapped and resting in the cooler). Pull it, wrap in towels and put in a cooler and rest until ready to serve.

    What you get is a melt in your mouth, tender, moist and juicy brisket with a great smoke ring and very little bark. Probably not for everyone, but like I said, if you know your time's short, you can still pull one off. I have before and I got the idea from reading about guys who've got over 100 HH briskets under their belts.

    Again, just for your consideration.

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