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    I have been doing my butts wrapped in foil at the usual 165 mark but would like to try not using foil to get some better bark. I think I've seen that they take longer to cook without foiling. Is this true and if so how much time does it usually add? Also i think i've read that some people don' t take the temp all the way up to 200 or 205  but rather llike 190 or 195. What do you guys take yours too? Last but not least,normally you have your 2 hour resting period with your butt wrapped in foil in your cooler. Do you still do this with a butt cooked without foil? I guess my concern is that by wrapping it in foil then resting it would soften the bark that I'm trying to achieve. Is this the case? Thanks for the help
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    EDIT: when slicing a butt, you'll want to remove the bone, then slice across the butcher's cut (cut ends of the bone) on the roast for cross-grain slices (most tender eating).
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