Questions I'm not clear on. 1st reefer build.

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  1. Hi.

    Not only am I new to this amazingly informative site, but I'm new to the concept of using a refrigerator as a smoker. I like tinkering around with stuff like this, but I always try to obtain the best information possible for things.

    I've seen quite a bit of information on this particular part of the site but I'm not sure "why" some things are being done, which has lead me to a few questions I'm hoping to have help with.

    These questions will be redundant to several of you guys, but I'm not able to specifically locate the answers.

    1. If the unit is properly sealed, why would I need to replace the insulation?

    2. How do I know if I actually need to replace the insulation?

    3. Is the present door gasket good enough, or will it melt?

    4. Can I cut out most of the bottom and just put a fire under it or would a side mounted FB be better?

    5. If using a hot plate, can I adjust it from the outside of the fridge w/o opening the door?

    6. What's the point of adding some of the $180+ controllers/sensors I see some guys using?

    7. Is it correct that the shelves of a 40's-50's fridge are not good to use, I saw they have a coating of chromium or something?

    8. There is no lead in the enamel paint inside the Hotpoint fridge is there?

    9. How do I weatherproof this thing so I can leave it outside?

    10. What have YOU found to be the best heat source? hotplate, propane, side mounted fire box?

    11. When neighbors I don't even know smell the thing running and just "show up" at my yard claiming to be my long lost mom or dad and ask for food, how do I propyl shoo them from my yard? (unless they brought beer)

    Thank You In Advance


    Milwaukee, WI.
  2. daveomak

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    Now... build a smoker out of 3/4" CDX plywood... it will save you time and money.... use electric heat and a controller to make your smoking experience easy.... 2 x 2 x 4' will smoke most everything you will ever want to smoke...

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