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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jestic, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Hello Folks:

           Its been a long time since I have posted anything but I need some help. I'm having a party at the end of this month with about 30 people attending. I have been asked to do some PP. I have an MES 30 . I was thinking 4 butts would be fine. Am I right? How big should I get the butts and will they fit in the smoker? I might have to finish them off in the oven because I'm going to be cutting it close time wise. Im only going to have 15 hours from the time I get off work till the party is suppose to start. I'm ready for the info.
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    Here is how you figure a party...Portion Size X # of Guests X 2 (Butts loose about half their weight after trimming and cooking)  /  16 oz in a Lb = How many Pounds to Buy...

    5oz Pulled Pork X 30 X 2 / 16 = 18.75 Lbs Raw Butts. That is figuring one nice sandwich per person. If the Pork is the only meat served, I would add 10-20%. Figure 1 1/2 Rolls per person and 1.5 oz of Sauce. For side Salads and Veggies you can figure 3 oz per person.

    So if you go 3 average 8LB Butts, 24lb, you should be fine and they will fit your MES with room for a Pan of Dutch's Beans or other side. Good luck...JJ
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    I would suggest, if you can with the MES, running the smoker up around 265* for the smoke. 15 hours is going to be a tight time frame.

    Personally I cook all my butts in a 265* smoker now. I typically smoke mine a day or two in advance and reheat. Not only does that remove the stress on party day, I feel that the pork tastes better after the pork rests and the flavor meld.

    Chef JJ has you covered on the amounts.
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    I've made pulled pork ahead of time, and then put it in vacuum sealed bags.  Then to reheat, just throw the bags in boiling water to get it heated back up.  The sealed bags keep in all the juices and like dirt said, no stress the day of the party.

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