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  1. My wife bough me a Smoke Hollow 44 propane smoker for Christmas. I was just able to get it together today. One thing I noticed is there are some small gaps where the lower heating cabinet and the upper cabinet meet. I was wondering if caulking it would help and if so what type of caulk should I use? I didn't now if there was any food safe or certain brand to get. Any insight to this would be appreciated.
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    Had the same problem on my PS4400. So I got some high temperature RTV and made sure it was rated at better than 500 degrees F. Took out the screws holding top to bottom and lifted off the top. Ran a good bead of RTV and set it back down. Smoothed the RTV inside and outside and let it set up for 24hours to make sure. I also did the top seams. I ran blue painters tape above and below the seam by about an 1/8th inch. Smoothed the RTV in and waited about 45 minutes and pulled the tape. It made a nice neat seal.

    The RTV I used was from Advanced Auto. It was black and their house brand and rated to 650 degrees F. This and some 1/8" thick by 1/2" wide nomex gasketing on the doors will keep in the good stuff. Only leak I have now is at the bottom of the lower door. There is no lip there for the gasket to seal against. As far as food safe, I figured once cured and then heated on high for about a half hour any chemical fumes were long gone. Mine will get about 450 degress F. inside with both burners on high. That was measured with my Digital remote probe. Front factory probe reads about 30 degrees F. high


    This picture is the gaskets on my Masterbuilt Pro 2 door. Bought the self adhesive gasketing off of Amazon. They send enough to do the PS4400 doors plus a bit

    Black RTV glazed into the upper seam. Top is welded on so had to do it this way.

    RTV oozing out from between upper and lower box. Have had zero problems with heat.
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