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  1. Hi all, looking to get an electric smoker to go with my Big Green Egg. I find the MES to be a good candidate since you can use any wood source....right? That is I can use pellets, chips or chunks?

    What is the lowest, out of the box, temperature the 40" MES can keep and can I use it to dehydrate and smoke veggies? I'm asking this as an out of the box unit, no modding or other changes or extra purchases.

    Thanks for any info!
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  2. Ambient temperature. 

    100° if you turn it on.
  3. The lowest temp. is 100 the highest is 275---Ken

  4. Thanks for the info. How about as a dehydrator? Does it do a good job with that (out of the box)?

    Is the Bradley smoker any better for dehydrating?
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  5. I don't know about it being a dehydrator I have only had mine since May I only smoked a few times because from Fathers Day Weekend till the last week in Sept. I do a lot of camping I have a coleman-pop-up & went camping 25 night this year


  6.  Not sure how good a dehydrator it would be. To dehydrate well you need some air flow.

    I own a dehydrator so I have never tried to use my MES as one.

     You won't have much luck smoking at those temps either unless you add a smoke

    generator of some type. The smoke is produced by the heating element bringing the

    temperature of the wood chips, chunks or whatever past the combustion temperature

    of the wood. When the element shuts off @ 100 F. the smoke will stop.

     That being said, if you add the AMNPS, you have a machine with far more functionality.

    I suppose with some sort of small fan, it could also be a good dehydrator.


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