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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by tdust, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. tdust

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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and am planning on building my first RF smoker.I have built several flow thru smokers that worked out pretty well but I have have some questions about some things and any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will be building a fairly small one. the CC will be 15.25 ID X 36"L. FB will be 15.25 X 14" L. The main questions I have are..Is the FB to small ?  Not sure how much space there should be at the end of the plate for smoke to pass through, And size of the hole from the FB to CC. I have a length of stainless pipe that I would like to use for the stack that is 4" ID. I thought about having the stack exit just above the cooking rack,but how tall does it need to be above the CC? So anyway I would welcome any input on this.Thanks
  2. sqwib

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    I would be more worried about the cooking chamber being too small for a RF
  3. See this little bad boy, I tossed it together free hand one saturday and it turned out to be one of the best flowing little smokers up to that point.

    I gave it to my Mom a while back , but if I remember, it was only 12 or 14 inch dia. Firebox, firebox to cooking chamber, and exhaust were all way oversized when using the pit,  but it worked, and worked very well. This thing will cook boston butts or whole chickens like nothing else. Sometimes things just work out like that.

    Anyway, Id say your firebox is just about right,  ...

  4. tdust

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    That's awesome, nice work. I have a large smoker that I built that can hold 8 briskets, but I have never put more than two on it at a time and it is permanently fixed in the ground and uses lots of wood. so I wanted something small and mobile that I don't need a crane to move. I think it will be fine. Just wanted to run it by someone that built one about this size and see how it turned out. thanks for the reply.
  5. sqwib

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    Is it a reverse flow?
  6. yep, has a simple dished reverse plate, no drain valve, and a very simple vent ..

  7. but this one had every feature and then some and was even smaller.  11 inch dia




  8. sqwib

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    Very impressive RIB you are the master of builds!

    You should give Tdust some inside photos.

    Man... my 20" diameter is tight for the cooking I do. Can't imagine much smaller.

    For turkey I have to remove the grates and cook on the Reverse Flow Plate. Doing Beer Can Chix and they have to be centered or the lid hits them.

    I'll have to dig out my Beach Smoker I made for a friend that changed his mind and take some photos, weighs about 2 pounds with charcoal in it.
  9. Didnt you say you ran your grates at dead center 3-9?
  10. This is the smallest one, I bought a weber charcoal grate and cut it to fit for the cooking grate ( $10, wasnt worth fabricating one), and it sits right on the reverse flow plate which actually has a little more dish than it looks in this pic.  Some reason the camera really distorted everything ???

  11. But this one is sixteen dia, which give me eight inches from top of grate to top of chamber,  I usually fiqure 7 inches for a 12lb turkey, 5 inches for a 8lb boston butt.

  12. Sqwib, have you ever tried just to de bone them first . Sew 'em back up so they look just like the whole bird but kind of flat looking? With just the leg and wing bone left in it?

    When you slice it, you get half white meat , half dark surrounded by a ring of tasty skin....boneless!   Smear some Chik filet sauce on the inside before sewing back up and cooking..oh man...good stuff.
  13. sqwib

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    • LOL I'm too lazy for that, but sounds good.
    Not to hijack this thread but hopefully the OP can see what I am talking about with a smaller diameter build.

    • These guys just fit in the center

    • I am abandoning the beer can chix method of cooking an will either spatchcock or cook high heat skin side down, then lower the heat, flip and finish .
  14. We built a RF out of 16"pipe works like it is supposed too. just right for small amounts. Also put a lid on top of the fire box with grates so you can grill hamburgers , steaks or whatever. The only thing bad about it, it's heavy for a small smoker. We had a piece of 16" x 3/8" laying around so we had to build another smoker. Anyway cooks great.


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