Questions about digital temp and humidity wiring

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  1. I've been wanting to build a curing cabinet for a few years and have been reviewing as many builds as I could find online.

    This thread by xutfuzzy was very informative and inspirational:

    I finally broke down and bought a $50 craigslist fridge.

    I'll post pics of the build in another thread. Meanwhile, I have wiring questions that I hope someone will be able to help with.

    For the thermostatic controller, I bought the STC-1000. It's wired per other build examples.

    For the hygrostatic controllers, I bought a pair of DHC-100's. The terminal layout I was expecting was this:

    However, when I went to wire it up, what I found was this layout:

    Do the wiring paths I've drawn here look right?

    And, to further complicate it, I'm running the STC-1000 and two DHC-100s off of a single mains line, so my proposed wiring layout looks like this:

    The URL for a larger view is

    Before I power all of this up, I want to make sure I won't be destroying controllers or turning the fridge into a giant bug zapper.

    Does anyone see problems with this layout?

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    I sure wish I knew enough to help you....  This will bump your thread for someone else to see......

  3. Thanks for the bump, Dave.

    Today I bit the bullet and plugged it all in, fridge and all. The fridge came on and I didn't feel that crawling sensation of electricity. I'll call it success!!

    Now it's a matter of dialing in the humidifier, dehumidifier, and drying action of the fridge.
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    Do you have a "delay" so the compressor won't start and stop without allowing for the refrigerant to "settle down"....  All I know is I have read that some controllers have an adjustable "restart" ,or whatever it is, so damage won't happen to the compressor....
  5. Yep, I have a 2 minute delay and 2 percent deviation set for the thermostat. Same for the hygrostats, except 2 percent rather than degrees.

    Right now I'm working to calibrate a 5% variance between my two humidity sensors. They're on opposite walls of what will be The Meat Zone. Temp sensor probe will hang right in the middle.

    I think that installing a couple desk in the top corner pointing down and the other in the opposite bottom corner pointing up...will help normalize the humidity. I want to keep the build as simple and clean as possible.
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    I assume you are aware of "air velocity" and how it relates to "case hardening" of your products...    I read somewhere, but can't recall, so many feet per minute or miles per hour air flow recommendations to avoid case hardening...    (old age [​IMG])
  7. I wasn't aware of a specific measurement of air velocity that people have found to work, but, yeah, I'm aware of the impact on case hardening. I was thinking about putting two fans on a dimmer and running them just fast enough to maintain a consistent environment throughout the chamber. Some builders have used computer fans, some have used desk fans.

    If I am able to balance the "dumping of vapor" aspect of my humidity tube with keeping a consistent humidity level, fans may not be required at all.

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