Questions about bone in country style ribs

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  1. Happy 4th of july to everyone!!! Just finished adding some lavalock felt around the door of my charbroil vertical cabinet last week, and cant wait to get it rolling today. I purchased a meat bundle from my local Karns, and it has a good amout of bone in country style ribs included with the bundle, along with chicken drumsticks, thighs, extra lean chopped steak, a few pounds of various flavors of fresh sausages, 20 pounds of meat, and i know what i am doing with everything but these country style ribs. I know they are a shoulder cut, and they have been in my new dry rub in the fridge for a few hours now, but can they be smoked like a pork butt, and taken up to 205 for pulled pork, since they are more of a shoulder cut instead of really a rib cut? I have looked everywhere, and i see a lot of diverse info on how to cook them but i just wanted to know if anyone had any info on whether it could be done to take them up high enough to be pulled pork, or do them more akin to ribs and chops. Any info or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    Would smoke till tender sauce and eat. If you really want to pull them smoke to around 160* IT toss them in a pan with some type of liquid cover and cook till they are ready to fall apart.
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  3. Ok, thats what i was looking for, an IT that makes sense, i dont want to wreck these. Lol. Ive got some liquid ready, and it should go off wuthout s hutch. I appreciate your info humbly!!!

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