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  1. coacher72

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    I'm new to this type of smoking. I have a 20" yoder offset smoker with a convection plate. The convection plate has a series of holes of varying diameters. The first smoke I did was doing a couple of chucks in pans. The second smoke was 2 slabs of ribs place directly on the grates. With my second smoke, as all of you would know there was quite a bit fat drippings, etc. Which at some point I would imagine needs to be clean up. My question is what are your thoughts on placing an aluminum pan on the convection plate under the meat to catch those drippings? Would that mess with the function of the convection plate or would it have little or no effect?
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. I dont have an answer, but your question is about to fall out of pg1 of active threads... just bumping you back up... I dont think many people are on today Good Friday and all...
  3. marty catka

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    I use a homemade convection plate in my CG SP. I put a drain grate on top of the convection plate to set my drip pan on. This keeps the drip pan off of the plate and allows the smoke and heat to rise around the drip pan.
  4. csmith2884

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    I don't know your exact system but can say that you don't need too much space to let smoke and heat rise. So as long as your pan didn't fit tight, please post when/if you try this.
  5. coacher72

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    I'm planning to try it Sunday. I'll let you know what happens.
    I think Marty Catka has the right idea. I'm not very handy. At some point I'll have to figure out how to add that drain grate.

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