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  1. Good morning from Northern Wisconsin new to the group Has anyone used or heard of a product called the Smokenator that works with a weber grill Thanks
  2. At $55 I think I'd grab an aluminum loaf pan (not the non-stick coated as they will let off noxious fumes at high temps) for the coals and another one on top of the grate with water (if you want) and pretty much have the same thing. just my 2 cents worth.
  3. There are some folks on here that have used it, I have not. It seems to work for those that use it...I have often wondered about the quality of the smoke it produces, and if it would create a nasty taste in a hot-smoking environment.

    I do, however, think it would be excellent for cold smoking...such as for bacon and/or cheeses.

    Do some looking around on here and see what you can learn from previous posts about the smokenator....there has been plenty of discussion and lots of information is available.

  4. Welcome to smf, I would just use some aluminum pans, like Mr Mac suggested

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