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  1. How long should a smoke a 7lb Ham?
  2. rbranstner

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    Is this a already cooked ham where all you need to do is heat it up? Or is it one your brined and need to smoke/cook yet?
  3. this is a spiral Ham Walmart.
  4. The weather has been so bad here for the last two months i just wanted to smoke something, Heck it 65 degrees today... GOTA SMOKE!!
  5. Jeff had this in March's News Letter Fully Cooked (10 pound) ham at 230 for 2.5hrs... hope that helps
  6. thankz dude!! I'm good to go now..
  7. Cool... I just signed up & im glad to see some locals!
  8. welcome!!! Steve!!! Yeah it just a few of us here but we east coast buys are growing!!

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