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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by yoyohomieg5432, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I am relatively new to smoking and am wondering if you guys place new chips in the smoker while its smoking?  The first 2 times i smoked i just soaked a couple hand fulls at the beginning and put them in and that was it.  I noticed that after like an hour or 2 it stopped smoking though.  Does this mean I should add some more chips?

    Also does anyone use a rib rack on their smoker?  My smoker is relatively small and i can only fit 2 racks.  Does a rib rack alter the flavor or smoke unevenly?
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      Have a great day!!

  3. ugaboz

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    use chunks next time 3-6 should do it
  4. thebarbequeen

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    You shouldn't need to soak your chips.  I use chips by weight, 2-4 oz. depending on what I'm smoking and how dense the meat is. If it seems like I need more after a bit, I add an ounce or 2 at a time. What kind of smoker are you using? and more importantly, did you like what you made? If so, you did it right!
  5. i dont have chunks i just have the bags of hickory/cherry smoking chips

    is there a big difference?
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    Chunks burn more slowly, and are usually about 2 oz. minimum, so you get more smoke in a way.  I have an electric, chips or chunks is what it calls for.  I use chips, because I already have a bunch on hand. When I need to reorder, I'll probably get some of each. Another thing I like about the chips is I can mix and match - cherry and pecan for pastrami, peach and alder or apple for pork, that type of thing.  
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    ok , when i have soaked wood it makes more ash to me, when you are done with the chips if you can get some chunks
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    I like chunks,They burn longer.

    Rib racks work very well, It will not alter the ribs in any way.

    Good luck and Happy smokin' [​IMG]
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    Hi Yoyo,

    A lot may depend on type of smoker and what meat you are cooking.  Urban rumor is that meat will take smoke up to 125 degree internal temp.  If you continue to add smoke after that it may have a tendency to leave a bitter taste.   Best gauge to use is "how did you like the results"?   The great part about smoking is there are numerous ways to cook and the only thing that really matters is that you like the end results.
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    Meat will take smoke as long as there is smoke present. The smoke ring will not get any larger after about 140 degrees.

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