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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bigwalk, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. bigwalk

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    Hey all, I have two butts in the smoker as we speak for my inagural boston Butt run. Had a few questions about smoke. I know that TBS is what is desired. It looks like I am producing white smoke. It is fairly thin, but it burns my eyes when I take a whiff. Is that ok or do I need to make some adjustments? Thanks!!
  2. what kind of wood are you using I don't think it should burn your eyes that easy

  3. bigwalk

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    Another thing. I know you want your wood to char but not burn. I just checked my wood and it is charring, but there are a few embers on the wood that glow. Is this still charring, or are we getting into burning? Its about 200 degrees in there and I am wooried any hotter and my wood will catch fire. HELP!
  4. bigwalk

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    I am using hickory
  5. Sounds like you're not getting sufficient air flow. When you're not getting the blue smoke, it's usually meaning the wood isn't getting enough oxygen. Try playing with your vents or even crack the door of your smoker, maybe. Perhaps spread your coals out. If you post the smoker you use someone might be able to assist you more specifically.
  6. bigwalk

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    I am using a Brinkmann Vertical Gas Smoker. 
  7. rdknb

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    I hae same smoker, you have to many chips in pan, let it burn down and be careful of amt you put in and you will be ok
  8. pussiwillow

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    i have the same one as well, im with rdknb with this one let it burn down, i put a thin layer of soaked wood chips in the bottom and works great. have fun with it!
  9. smokinal

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    200 degrees is too low for smoking. Your smoker should be in the 225-250 range. RdKnB sounds like he has the answer your looking for. Don't be too upset if you get white smoke from time to time, it's very hard to get consistent TBS for your whole smoke. Just don't have billowing white smoke for hours.
  10. Of course this is just an opinion.  I smook at 200 all the time depending on what I am making.  large beef cuts (as in a roast)  I do at 190 to 200 for 8 to 10 hours.  I actualy never go above 225 if I can help it.  but this is the way I do it.  and just my opinion. 

    as long as your getting through the first 4 hour temp issue fine then 200, 225, 250  its all the same and doesn't matter much, although I find the lower temp gives me a better finnished product.

  11. smokinal

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    Hey Steve if it works for you then I think it's OK. I just wonder if your therm is accurate, because on large cuts of meat I just make the 4 hour mark with the smoker at 220-225. I agree that smoking at the lowest temp produces the best product. However if the meat is intact, the outside 1/2" is all that has to reach 140 in 4 hours. If you inject or put the probe in right away then the internal temp has to reach 140 in 4 hrs.
  12. chef willie

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    Ok, last 2 posts got me wondering about this 4 hour rule, putting the probe in and the 1/2 inch reaching 140 in 4 hours. Thinking of delving into smoking come spring time and soaking up info on these forums beforehand. Have used a el cheapo Brinkman verticle to do turkeys with the water pan and charcoal pan etc but thinking of upgrading. Lots to learn seems like....great forums here, you guys rock with info
  13. very true.  I don't measure the temp for the first 3 hours and I don't puncture the meat.  so it is intact.  I only cook my beef roasts to an internal of 135, then pull and let rest for 20 min.  the therm is accurate I use 3 different oven therms to set my temp at the grill. 

    when I first started doing roasts I didn't know about the 4 hour rule as that seams to be a reg for comercial kitchens and I used to smoke at 180 degrees for beef roasts.  I found it took to long and the 20 degrees actualy mad a big difference in time wise.

    I do have one question, if some one was to maranade a roast while keeping it intact does it follow the intact rulles still?  I have been wanting to try this. 

  14. smokinal

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    Marinating a roast does will not affect the intact muscle rule. It is intact unless it is punctured.

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