Question smoking whole hog skin side down

Discussion in 'Pork' started by va_connoisseur, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Fellow Smokers,

    I am doing a smoke for my cigar shop on 8 June. They want a pig and I have a question for those whole smoke whole hog skin side down. I am curious if the meat gets greasy from all the juices collecting in the cavity? Do you siphon off the liquid before picking the meat? If so, how?

    I have done a few hogs racer style on a split drum. This will be my first on my reverse flow. It will be ~85 pounds.
  2. pigman jim

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    The meat doesn't really get greasy (ok, it's a pig roast so the pig is already kinda greasy!). The skin isn't as crispy if that matters to your fans. I simply poke a couple of holes between a few ribs as needed to let the juices drain. Since I mop the pig as well, some of the mop marinade tends to pool up in the cavity and that is more of what I'm draining when I poke some holes in there.

    Have a great time and post some photos!

  3. Thanks. I will definitely post photos after the event.

    I had not thought of mopping. That's a good idea. When I do them racer style I don't worry about mopping because I don't have access to the meat.

    I plan to inject with a apple juice/vinegar mix so I will make extra for the mop.

    Do you foil at anytime?
  4. pigman jim

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    No foiling for me other than the tail and ears and such for display. The one time I did foil it, to me, the meat tasted more like slow steamed pork rather than smoked. It was still good and got rave reviews anyway, but I prefer that nice smokey flavor. My smoker is lined in foil to hold the smoke in but I wouldn't wrap the meat in it.


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