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    I'm looking to upgrade my vacuum sealer as I have wore my Foodsaver out..... I need to decide between a commercial grade vacuum sealer or a vacuum chamber. I notice with vacuum chambers all I see is large bags being used with a small piece of something in the bag. With the vacuum chambers can you make a bag the size you need or do you have to use a whole bag. currently I pull off a roll what I need and make my own bag to fit what I'm sealing using less off the roll which saves money.

    here is a sample of what i would like to accomplish and could this be done with a vacuum chamber like a Vacmaster vp112. currently with my Foodsaver When the bag is being sealed I pull the ring together to eliminate the gap in the middle

    What are the pros and cons between the sealers and the chambers. I assume you can use those cheaper bag material with the chamber

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    I have this same dilemma. For me it comes down to not being able to fit long stuff into the chamber. I have decided that when I upgrade it will be the vacmaster pro380 sealer but not the chamber sealer. I like the fact that if I'm using the smaller bags you can seal two at a time.
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    I'm leaning towards the 380 myself
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    Joe, morning.... The chamber bags are a lot cheaper... They make any size you need... You can fully vacuum liquids in the bags... You can get shrink wrap bags... gold foil mylar bags... something you might want in the future....

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