Question on use of vertical rack for covered, indirect-heat cooking

Discussion in 'Pork' started by yogioneill, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Hi - I'm going to try to cook some ribs over an open charcoal fire next weekend and am wondering how using a vertical rack will affect things. It'll be a charcoal fire in a walled-in circular fire pit - the ribs will be set on a grill grate about 1 foot over the coals and placed over a drip tray filled with water. I'm going to toss some wood chips on the coals and then tent the ribs with a big dome of aluminum foil, let them cook for an hour, uncover, flip, cover, and cook for another half hour or so.

    My question is this: the recipe I'm working from (link below) has the ribs laid flat on the grill. I'm going to be cooking enough ribs that they'll have to be in a vertical rack. Does anyone have any idea whether this method will still work? Does it need to be modified in order to cook the ribs evenly? Thanks very much for any help!

    Recipe here: 
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    Should work fine.  Just be sure there's room between the ribs in the rack for the heat to circulate all around  If you pack them against each other, they'll cook unevenly.   
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    Rib racks work well. For your cook, l suggest swapping inside ribs with outside as well as flipping...JJ
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    Great - thanks all!

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