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Discussion in 'Pork' started by iamjethro, Sep 22, 2014.

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    I bought a couple of slabs of ribs to smoke.  I have never trimmed ribs before and started to look things up on the internet.  Is it necessary to trim them?  Can you just remove the membrane and have at it or will the non rib sections burn?

    I am just wondering what is the best way to go about this?  Meat is too expensive to mess it up if preventable, but if it is just a matter of preference then I may be lazy and not trim.
  2. I would remove the membrane and just a little bit of trimming should be enough.

    Gary S
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    Hi Jethro

    Just because you  trim the ribs it does not mean that the bits you cut off are wasted. The part with all the cartilage in my opinion is not pleasant to take a bite out of so it is much better removed. Some on here do like it though and leave it on.

    After you have removed the membrane, by bending the ribs find the point where the bones meet the cartilage and cut along the join using a sharp knife.

    Retain the meat that you have cut off and continue to cook these off-cuts in the same way as you cook the main ribs.

    When the ribs and off-cuts have all finished smoking - while the meat is still hot, on the off-cuts pull the meat away from the cartilage for use later. If you wait until the meat goes cold it will be more difficult to remove. This can then be cut into cubes and used in other dishes - like BBQ beans

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    I smoke mine (trimmed of membrane and some flap meat ) and cook it whole . The finished Ribs can be trimmed after cooking easier than before. I and Gary , too , I suppose , like to Gnaw the cartilage ( lots of good meat there ) or put it in Beans , Cornbread , Stews , Chili and Soups...

    Being lazy is not a crime here , in fact , ...
  5. Always remove the membrane.  I have smoked both with and without the ribs trimmed.  If you do trim them, definitely smoke the trimmings with the ribs.  I actually won a small dutch oven competition where I made BBQ green beans with some left over rib tips.
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    They are also good when a small amount is mixed with pulled pork. They give an additional instant flavour hit which is then followed up by the deeply satisfying more subtle flavour of the pulled pork itself. I find this works well when providing food at events and usually brings people back for a second or a third.
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    I just remove the membrane and trim any excessive fat.

    These were done that way. I think my dog would attack me if I didn't toss him the gristle!

    As soon as he woke up from his nap.[​IMG]
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  8. I like to trim spare ribs to St. Louis style and remove the flap. I remove the membrane after cooking. I think this keeps the ribs more moist, meat side up when cooking. The trimmings are trimmed of all none eatable parts. Then frozen in vac. bags to be used in sausage. CF
  9. How much you want to trim is up to you. If you are doing a competition they need to as perfect as you can make them. If cooking for family and friends all I do is just a little trimming excess fat, thin tagles around the edges, anything that will burn. And just leave all the rest of the goodness. 


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