Question on smoking meat 1-2 days in advance (pork butt, baby backs, and bologna)

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    Hello all,  "She who must be obeyed" has informed me that I will be attending a weekend long co ed bachelor/bachelorette party at a lake house that she is planning (her best friend is bachelorette and she is maid of honor).  She also volunteered me to essentially cater the entire weekend, so naturally I decided that one night we will have BBQ.   I'm planning on doing pulled pork, baby back ribs, BBQ bologna (Oklahoma prime rib!), and possibly some tri tip. Since i was also informed i must participate in all activities like boating, lake, socializing, etc (even thou I dont know anyone that will be there!) I have to smoke the majority of the meat in advance.

    So my question is, when smoking pork butts in advance should I smoke them to preferred pulling temp then leave whole before reheating or should I go ahead and pull the pork in advance as well?  I dont want it to end up dry if I pull it in advance.  Also if reheating whole, what IT should I reheat too?  Same with the Baby backs?

    Im also not sure of what means of reheating the meat I will have once I get there.  My cooker is too big of hassle to transport so I'm going to take my weber kettle to reheat if I cant find anything that produces fire. 
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