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  1.   Seeking advice:

    I am doing my first brisket this weekend.  I will be doing in the large WSM.  I will be using Minion Method.  Can someone tell me the # of lit briquettes I need to add to the unlit ones?  Any other advice would be appreciated.


  2. millerk0486

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    I would use the same amount you would use for any other large meat, like pork butt. I normally lay a ring of unlit charcoals and then put a full lit chimney in the middle of the ring.
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  3. I fill the ring full of unlit and place half a chimney of lit on top for long cooks. Some folks have a coffee can with both ends cut out and pours the unlit coals around it and the lit in it then removing it with pliers.
  4. pgsmoker64

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    I have begun using the Weber starter blocks on all unlit coals.

    I cut it in half and that seems to be enough to get the fire going.

    Just pop that sucker right in the middle and fire it'll be in business in no time!

    Be sure to post some q-view on that brisket!  Can't wait to see it.

  5. thanks!!  I will post photos.  I will post as I smoke.

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